Review Canon 77D: Attractive camera for shooting enthusiasts - VnReview

Review Canon 77D: Attractive camera for shooting enthusiasts – VnReview

In the face of strong competition from mirrorless cameras, Canon still has its own way to create a DSLR camera that is attractive enough for many users.

There have been many questions about Canon's naming with 77D. Because if this is a version between 70D and 80D, why does the Japanese camera company not simplify by the number of 75D to make it more convenient? And the most satisfactory explanation is probably because 77D is the successor version of the previous 760D. However, Canon decided not to use the 770D name because the 77D deserves to stand on par with its two-digit siblings thanks to the advanced features equipped.

Familiar design, easy to grasp

When the 760D was released, Canon once named it the most advanced entry-level DSLR model of the company, targeting the amateur users who had certain knowledge about the camera and began to want to improve their shooting skills. my photo. This is also the first popular DSLR equipped with a secondary monitor and additional quick adjustment wheels in the main control area, the previous details are only available on 2-digit or more specialized lines.

Meanwhile, the 77D inherits and promotes those strengths of the 760D. The sub-screen and convenient control wheels continue to appear. Viewfinder built-in proximity sensor automatically turns off the screen when shooting to save battery and limit distractions.

Multi-dimensional rotating touch screen convenient for difficult shooting angles from low or high. New to the 760D is the addition of a dedicated WiFi button to quickly connect 77D to smartphones to browse photos, remote control, upload photos to social networks easily. An AF-ON button is also added to activate continuous focus mode when holding down, suitable for shooting moving subjects such as children, pets or sports.

The grip of the 77D is more professional when compared to the next brother 800D. The machine is sturdy and sturdy, and the hand compact is similar to the previous semi-professional models of Japanese camera firms such as 80D or 70D. The buttons, revolutions, and control panel on the 77D are also designed towards advanced users, with good bouncing, easy operation. The body of the 77D is slightly streamlined with the 760D, making this model very suitable for long-term travel, street trekking or street photography.

Of course, there are details that help to distinguish between the 77D and Canon's previous 2-digit lines. Typically, the main control wheel area at the back of the machine still has the style of entry level or compact models. Each individual button for white balance, focus mode or trigger timer shooting is still equipped instead of multidirectional controls. The feeling of turning the main control wheel is not real, because of the small section. Movie mode is integrated directly into the power switch to easily turn on the wrong operation when turning on the device. The 77D uses the LP-E17 battery with 1040 mAh capacity similar to the 800D or M3. Thus, users will not be able to use the same 80D, 70D or even 760D battery on this DSLR model.

Salient features

Besides appearance, the "interior" of 77D is significantly upgraded. The sensor is still 24MP – APS-C CMOS is like 80D or 760D but has a fine-tuned structure of the sensor and changes the position of the focusing pixels in phase. Thus the Dual Pixel CMOS focusing system on 77D with 45 points Cross-Type can focus at only 0.03 seconds, faster than the 80D. Canon confidently claims this is the fastest camera to get the focus right now. The new sensor gives 77D a wider ISO range, stretching from 100 to 25600, extending up to 51200 (80D expandable up to ISO 25600). 77D also uses DIGIC 7 chip, which helps machine process faster, better noise reduction.

Video recording capabilities of 77D inherit all the optimal video recording features of 80D such as support for Full HD 60fps video, Flicker flicking, HDR video recording, time lapse … Canon has also been added. 5-way digital shake technology when shooting movies. Unfortunately, 77D has not yet allowed 4K video recording.

Besides WiFi, the 77D also includes Bluetooth and NFC to help connect smartphones faster. NFC helps only one touch, users can immediately use the smartphone to view photos, control 77D quickly compared to the somewhat complicated operations when connected by WiFi. Meanwhile, Bluetooth allows the phone to maintain continuous connection with 77D without consuming a lot of battery power, wake up from sleep mode and, above all, use the Internet conveniently while still connected to the device. image. What WiFi connection has not been able to do before.

Quality of taking photos and videos

The smaller the camera, the more portable it is and the 77D is such a camera. As soon as the 77D is in hand, users can feel the level of compactness. In fact, the 77D gives a compact impression as close as a mirrorless camera. The improved Live View feature also works well. Tracking capability is not only smooth, but auto focus in Live View mode is also very accurate even when the subject moves outside the frame. I was really surprised with the way 77D detects an instant object and tracks the subject when the subject returns to the frame.

When shooting fast-moving scenes like sports, 77D gives impressive catch quality. Images are rarely sharp, continuous shooting speed is not very high, only 6fps but also enough to meet moving scenes relatively fast and not too complicated.

When shooting portraits 77D for soft colors, natural skin color reproduction, fine detail, wide bright band. Taking photos with 77D is an interesting experience. The device is easy to control, the standard display screen is not misleading to the computer screen. Photos from 77D can be used immediately without much post-production.

The noteworthy point on 77D is the sharpening algorithm in picture style and color. Sharpness algorithm now not only has 1 custom as before but splits into 3 different options including: Strength, Fineness and Threshold. Photos of 77D will have different details and sharpness than previous models. In terms of color, users can adjust how they like: bright, brilliant, dark, classic, fanciful … If users like creativity, there will be a lot of things to explore with 77D.

The automatic white balance mode of 77D has an additional option to remove yellow when shooting under filament or street lights. This is a good option if the user wants the photo color to be close to the most realistic.

Dark shooting ability of 77D is good. In low light conditions, the device still provides fast speed when shooting with viewfinder or live view. Steady noise is controlled at ISO below 3200.

The biggest strength of 77D is the ability to record video. The ability to focus continuously, subjectively (tracking) is very impressive thanks to Dual Pixel technology and DIGIC 7. Processor can detect face and automatically cling to it even when the subject turns face go. The 5-axis digital anti-shake technology significantly improves handheld shooting without the aid of steady cams or gimbal devices. Full HD 60fps video quality is pretty good with fine detail, sharpness, and color. If only Canon had added 4K video recording capability to the 77D, it would be closer to excellence.

Video tests Canon 77D's continuous focus capability


With what is shown, 77D shows that Canon is having the right strategy in the popular entry level DSLR camera segment. This model offers almost perfect for amateur and advanced users who are in need of a device with good image quality, strong control of parameters at will, integration. Many modern features. In particular, the video recording quality of 77D also easily satisfied the majority, especially the ability to capture continuous focus and anti-shake impressively.

With the current price of about 23 million VND for the body (body), equal to 70D and much lower than 80D (27.9 million), 77D is a really attractive choice for those anyone who is serious about filming, taking photos, especially those who use it for work.


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