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Review Brixton BX150 Limited Special – affordable classic motorcycles

Limited edition Brixton Limited has just been launched and distributed only 288 units in the Vietnamese market, the unique color and some other details are significant changes on this car. Let’s explore with CafeAuto the differences as well as experience and evaluate the performance of this interesting car.

Brixton Vietnam first introduced to customers at the 2017 Motorcycle Show (VMCS) in May through three models including Classic, Scrambler, and Café Racer with two options of 125 or 150 engines. New Here, Brixton continues to dock a new version of the shipment, with a different name and this new version also does not belong in the three lines mentioned above.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

Originally from Austria, but fully assembled and manufactured from China, the brand has just entered the Vietnamese market not long ago, so Vietnamese people are still concerned about this car.

Impressive design

The first point I realize is that the exterior design for the first look is quite impressive with the traditional design, classic nostalgic. The details on the car are in harmony with the traditional way, the smallest details are also focused by Brixton suitable for dusty and street style.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

In the Limited Special edition, the “hybrid” design of all 3 models of Classic, Scambler, and Café Racer, can be easily noticed that it is completely new brown milk coffee, eye-catching with bread seat. The same color creates a highlight for the car.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

Brixton Limited Special has a completely different color than the previous versions, with a glossy brown paint covering the entire tank of gasoline, plus decorative motifs that are completely painted, creating the essence , consumer satisfaction.

Evaluate details of pros and cons

The Limited Special version still has an overall size of 2,020 mm for length, 910 mm for width and 1,105 mm for height, 1,320 mmm between the two axes.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

The handlebars on the Brixton BX150 Limited Special are wide and long with a classic style, in the middle is a horizontal brace that increases stability, as well as reduces vibration when running at high speed, does not cause numb feeling, tired. This is also the handlebar type being used on the Scambler model.

Followed by the switch shackles designed in a classic style, made entirely from monolithic aluminum, the knobs use hard plastic, simple, but full of the essential basic features, This reminds me of the Honda Cub50s when I was in school.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

In addition, interwoven with the traditional way, Brixton offers users an extremely modern feature, the Hazzard danger warning light, which makes it easy to use when parking in dark areas. Visibility, this is useful when traveling on long journeys.

Handcuffs shackles soft design with rough black, compact round oil bottles, fancy.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

The rearview mirror has a round, compact design, with the swing arm not too far from the steering wheel, which brings more comfort when moving in the city, but in my opinion, with a fairly small design, visibility Rear also equally limited.

The steering wheel has also been changed to a design that feels softer, not too slippery, and the color is the same color as the body.

The central position is a clock cluster that displays the function, round design, simple, true to the nature of an ancient car, the highest speed indicator reaches 16,000 rpm, but in fact, I only ran at a rate of about half more, in addition to that whenever the key was turned on, the clock hand would rotate the entire journey and return to the original position, looking quite modern. Next to the indicator lights such as xy – turn signals, Check Engine lights, headlights, … bring maximum utility for the driver.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

The bottom has an integrated small LCD display with speed display, current fuel capacity indicator, in addition, also has the function of converting km / h to mph (miles per hour) with manipulation Simple turn on / off the key 2 times continuously.

The main drawback of this watch is that it does not show clearly in the hot sun, along with the xy-blinking light without sound, which makes me often forget, but it’s okay, can be easy. overcome by replacing relays xy – nhan with sound costs no more than 100 thousand dong.

Next to it is utility equipment when traveling on a long trip, USB charging port 12V, 10A, perfect waterproof with a rubber layer that is carefully wrapped, users only need to equip an extra phone stand On the record – east can be assured to use.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

The small round headlight cluster in front of the front is what I like the most, extremely classic, simple, with just one halogen lamp placed in the center to perform two functions both phase and core, in addition, around also arranged round beautiful Led. The headlight protection frame inherited from the redesigned, more rugged Scambler brothers with a masculine black color increases the aesthetics to bring a cool, more stylish feel to the owner.

Xy – knockout lights are fixed separately by an iron frame on par with the lamp cluster, I personally appreciate the design, compact but in return still ensures the necessary brightness, the installation position is quite appropriate and fit my eyes. Although the xy-turn signals are made of plastic, it feels solid, and is also designed to hug the frame so it can avoid outside collisions.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

Quite a lot of young people now love Upside Down inverted forks, but with nostalgic cars, the use of inverted fork will lose the true nature of the car, instead, the classic telescopic front fork , the fork is protected by elastic rubber cushions.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

The second impression is the pair of spokes with front wheel size larger than 1 inch, combined with large tires 100 / 90-18 for the front wheel and 120 / 80-17 for the rear wheel to make the posture more comfortable , more comfortable when traveling long distances.

Thorny, large tires with strong lines create a first glance appeal, a dusty style and typical of the Classi line. Tires stick better when climbing over steep passes.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

The next impression can easily be seen that the saddle has been changed in the shape of bread, looks quite funny with embossed ribbed waveforms, the height is also thinner, sewing thread around is also has been removed, in order to overcome the situation of stagnant water, causing much discomfort to users whenever used.

The fuel tank in the middle is typical of the classic cars of the time, with a capacity of up to 14.5L, can complete the distance of more than 500 km, fuel consumption of 2.3L / 100km, you can go 1L more 43 km.

The motifs on the fuel tank are painted impressively, the two sides of the mound are perpendicular, in order to create a space to hug the knees, giving a more comfortable driving experience.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

As a limited edition, the engine of the Brixton Limited Special is only available with the 150 cc engine, and is still equipped with the engine prototype that Brixton is using, the engine block is manufactured from a factory in China and Has a design quite similar to Suzuki HJ125.

However, as a classic, traditional model, we can not ask for more acceleration and maximum speed, but I assess with this 150cc engine block is enough to load the weight of 2 adults attached with 20 kg of personal belongings. Engine block is designed in the form of a vertical machine, 149 cc capacity single-cylinder SOHC cooled by forced air, compression ratio 9.3: 1, for a maximum capacity of 11.66 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and torque reaches 11.4 Nm at 7,000 rpm. 5-speed manual gearbox with modern transmission, 1-speed and 4-speed reverse, intermediate N, as the current clutch cars like Honda Winner, Yamaha Exciter, or Suzuki Raider.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

Despite being a classic model, the car is still equipped with an electric start system at the push of a button. And it is worth noting that this model is not equipped with a starter.

Although not equipped with liquid cooling, in return, the neckpiece on all Brixton cars is covered with a layer of insulating fabric, this layer of cloth has the main function of insulating the neck. out, both increase the safety for the rubber, plastic parts around the engine, while increasing the aesthetics and dusty style.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

Next is the unique exhaust system with the classic bottle-neck design of the style, for a warm and mellow sound, the exhaust is painted black and rough with the same color forks.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

Impressive taillights with a compact, round design that are protruding out, in addition to being a night light, also prevents the fenders from splashing back onto the occupants after it rains.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

The unique rear fender has a short extension with the rear that reminds me of Ducati Scambler line.

It can be said that, with the unique and impressive design at first sight from BX150 Limited Special in particular and all Brixton lines in general, customers will have more choices of products, as well as dynamic options. 125 or 150 muscles.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

The limited edition is numbered 2 out of 288 units in Vietnam. KCustomers will get the key holster when buying cars at Tan Dat Motor.

Classic but modern

Quite surprisingly, the height of the saddle is lower than it feels, although it is a classic motorcycle with a large size, the height of the saddle is stopped at 760 mm, people with a height of 1m65 and above can easily. conquer this model. At first, the seat is quite smooth, the ribs form the bread to create good elasticity, hold the grip with the butt but it seems to feel a bit hard if you have to move on long distances.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

Equipped with electronic fuel injection technology, so before starting to start the engine, especially the first boot of the day, should turn on the key and wait about 5 seconds to pump gasoline to operate.

Squeeze the engine starter, excited by the deep, crisp explosion from the engine block 150, the engine works quite smoothly, though, but when turning the throttle at more than 5.00 rev / min, the sound from the tree Unique bottle shape still feels excited. However, there were still some rattling noises at the front of the engine, presumably due to the new car, the mechanical parts not working together.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

Stable operation

Moving at a slow speed, about 30 km / h at level 3, feeling very excited, I could barely hear the engine clicking, but instead the characteristic deep, pô, wearing Although weighing 128 kg quite heavy but with the size of a large wheel to bring very driving feeling.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

Try on the throttle, clutch response is quite sensitive, creating a recoil as soon as the number returns, the number of continuous revs reached 6,000 rpm. The engine block operates very smoothly at this speed range when at level 5.

Such capacity is not too weak compared to the 150 engine block, because the main reason this model was born is to help the driver enjoy the taste of life with time, with the journey to conquer the region. promised land.

Fuel consumption is at a moderate level, from the beginning of getting the car, moving around the city with a long distance, but I have never added fuel even though the fuel meter is always motivated, the ability to consume Fuel consumption really impresses me.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

The second evaluation point is the ability to stabilize at high speed, when reaching a speed of over 60 km / h with a comfortable sitting posture, arms outstretched, straight back gives me a broader view of the front, I can fully control all situations. There is a small note in this car that the journey of record – east is shorter than other conventional cars, the reverse operation will have to be more flexible when you want to turn around in a crowded area.

Exciting driving feeling

I find it most fun to experience with this model on a crowded street is to attract a lot of eyes from curious people, all eyes are focused on me, which surprises me more than a lot of people come forward. and talking to me, starting the story is always a perpetual question: “How much does this car buy?” – the quote comes from an uncle outside the country.

I happily answered while he looked around the details of the car: “Yes, registration is always more than sixty a little uncle”, the streets were crowded and each person fell, owning a strange car. The eye, the aggressive design, the classic style of running on the street make me more confident, making a difference compared to owning a widely used car.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

The feature that I appreciate most on this model, and also the feature that makes me most satisfied is the hydraulic CBS brakes. The first feeling when braking is not as jerky as other cars, more specifically when the brake pedal, the braking force is transmitted to the rear wheel and also to the front wheel with a small force that makes the car stop without wobble phenomenon.

Personal opinion

Around the advantages, there are still shortcomings that have not satisfied me, but that is only a personal opinion:

– No hangers.

– Do not trunk under saddle.

– No later baga.

– There is no helmet protection hook.

I personally with the above defects can easily be easily overcome with the cost is not too high. Currently, Brixton has sold more decorative accessories such as hanging bags on the side, back baga, … with eye-catching color design that adds beauty, dusty style in this car.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem


Overall this is a model to look forward to this year, with a unique design, impressive design for a traditional classic car that is popular with young people, 7 styling options, engine and color. , along with all features, modern technology, remarkable fuel consumption, Brixton is a good choice for the nostalgic car segment.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-memfamily-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

With a small amount of just over 60 million, the choice of a model that has both Classic, Scambler and Café Racer designs, comes with unique design details such as spokes spokes, big spikes, pô Bottle shape, bread seat, nostalgic Led headlight, multi-function clock, electronic fuel injection technology, CBS brakes and some characteristics of this car are still a reasonable choice when owning these Model of unknown origin, very easy to have trouble in traffic.

family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem family-brixton-bx150-limited-special -–- mo-to-co-family-mem

However, with a young age, just joined in May and distributed after 3 months, the product quality, durability of the engine block is still a difficult article, and time will be a profit. The answer to this car’s quality. However, Brixton is genuine distribution and maintenance warranty according to the distributor’s standard, whereby customers will enjoy the full after-sales services and services from the authorized center of Brixton at Benelli Vietnam. Male.


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