Review Asus ZenBook UX430: a comprehensive upgrade - VnReview

Review Asus ZenBook UX430: a comprehensive upgrade – VnReview

Earlier this year, Asus renewed its mid-range ZenBook when releasing the ZenBook UX410, a 14-inch screen laptop in a 13.3-inch body.

The thin screen border design allows it to have a larger screen, while the size of the device is still equivalent to the 13-inch screen ultrabook. After the UX410 at a price of 16 million, Asus has just launched a new ZenBook UX430 for $ 19.9 million.

At a higher price, the UX430 overcomes most of the UX410's disadvantages such as TN screen panels, which makes the viewing angle narrow, or just uses a mechanical hard drive (HDD), which slows the machine's speed even though other configuration details are still there. pretty. UX430 has built-in SSD, Full HD IPS panel screen. In addition, the device has added a fingerprint sensor that supports Windows Hello login, along with some design changes.

With a larger screen, upgraded configuration, is the UX430 a worthy upgrade for the UX410 and the UX330 model Asus launched last year?


The top of the UX430 is glossy and eye-catching but it is also easy to stick to fingerprints

My first impression of the UX430 came from the eye-catching glossy finish. The top still uses concentric texture but covered with glass like on smartphones, beautiful and strange light reflection. Like other products with glass covers, besides the beauty you will have to accept the surface is easy to stick to fingerprints, may need to be cleaned regularly. Currently, Asus only brings Vietnam the only version with Royal Blue (Royal Blue) and glossy glass.

If you look from this angle, you can see the familiar concentric circle of Asus under the glass

The size of the UX430 is "light and thin" enough, the thickest part is 1.59 cm and the weight is 1.25 kg. The design of the device tapered towards the keyboard, so holding the camera or moving is still comfortable and easy. Because the screen border is very slim, about 7 mm with double sides, the size of the device is only equivalent to a 13.3-inch laptop.

UX430 continues to inherit the thin screen border, reducing the actual size of the device

The aerial border is as thin as the XPS 13, but so the carrier can place the webcam at the top of the screen, creating a more natural view.

UX430's machining quality is good, details such as connection ports, edges or machine edges … are carefully made. The keyboard part of the device is also quite sure, if typing with normal force will be difficult to sink.

UX430 is so light that it is easy to carry around

Although there's a gap to open the screen, I still can't open the device with one hand like the Macbook

Inside, Asus made many changes to reduce the size of UX430 compared to UX410: cut off the 2.5-inch hard drive slot and leave only the M.2 2280 slot, remove the empty RAM slot and only have the available RAM available. the board (which means users will not upgrade the RAM themselves). On the outside, the company dropped a regular USB port and only equipped the Micro HDMI port smaller than the regular port.

Connection ports on the left side: USB 3.1, Micro HDMI, headset jack and USB Type-C

USB 2.0 port and SD card slot on the right side

However, the number of ports on the UX430 is still sufficient to meet the usual needs: 2 regular USB ports (including 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 port), 1 USB Type-C standard 3.1 port, memory card reader and slot headphone. Unfortunately, the company does not offer a transducer for the Micro HDMI port, so connecting to a monitor or projector will have to buy additional heads or cables.

The keyboard is full size, backlighted but the feeling of typing is not good due to the short key stroke

The keyboard on the UX430 is full size (full size) with a large touchpad. The keys are equipped with backlight, which will work when using the evening. It still can't fix the general weakness of thin laptops, which is a short-key journey that makes the feeling of typing "not". Many other thin-and-light laptops can still give a better sense of typing.

Wide touchpad, with fingerprint sensor to support fast login

The UX430 is a complete upgrade to the UX410's design, with optimal points such as an eye-catching, slimmer, and additional fingerprint sensor to match the higher price. However, corresponding to that "handy" level is also slightly reduced compared to UX410, because it has less than 1 regular USB port and uses Micro HDMI port instead of regular and more popular HDMI.

Screen: wide viewing angle, comfortable outdoor view

UX430 owns a screen with wide viewing angle, moderate brightness and standard color display …

The display of the UX430 is much better than the previous generation. Due to the use of IPS panels, the screen has a wide viewing angle, colors are less variable when changing the viewing angle. It uses matte screen instead of glossy (glossy) screen, thus reducing the reflection of the shadow when used. The thin screen border also contributes to a more impressive "floating" image.

The maximum brightness of the screen is sufficient for outdoor use, which is quite comfortable, and when used indoors, in an office environment, just about 60% brightness is enough. The device has a sensor to adjust the screen brightness depending on the surroundings, but in reality the automatic brightness is almost always set to a dark, difficult to see. The sensor is turned on by default, so users may not be able to use the screen at the best level.

Brightness sensor works inefficiently. To turn off automatic brightness adjustment, you can press the Fn + A button combination

With 14-inch screen and Full HD resolution, the image size, text … is still a bit small for me, if set to zoom level (125%) is moderate. Due to limitations from Windows, sometimes old, incompatible software with Windows 10 will appear blurry, not sharp. However, this problem only happens with some software, and the quality displayed on the UX430 is generally good.

The laptop's speakers are located on the bottom edge, and with the bevelled design of the device, the sound will be less blocked when placed on the table. Loudspeaker volume is quite loud, can be heard clearly when sitting at a coffee shop. Sound quality is nothing special,

Performance and use experience

The product tested in this article is an Intel Core i5-7200U processor, 8GB DDR4, 256GB SSD and Intel HD Graphics 620 integrated graphics chip. The most advanced version of the UX430 uses Intel processors. Core i7-7500U, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD. In terms of specs, the configuration of the UX430 is fully responsive to office work, gentle photo editing or video and simple game play.

In practical use, the UX430 satisfies the above requirements. It runs smoothly even when opening about 20 browser tabs, typing text and opening music simultaneously. The only drawback of the previous generation is the "bottleneck" because the hard drive is now fixed with the SSD.

Cinebench application evaluates CPU power and graphics power

Geekbench application evaluates CPU power

3DMark application evaluates graphic power

The speed of the drive through benchmark applications as well as in actual use are pretty good, meeting the normal use needs. 256GB capacity also allows for easy use and storage, while many laptops at the same price range only feature 128GB SSD.

Speed ​​SSDs measured via CrystalDiskMark

The integrated graphics chip of the UX430 is only designed for basic tasks, but for games it can only meet some light games, like LOL or PES 2017 at 1280 x 720 resolution, Low-level graphics . Any game that is heavier than that will make it unresponsive or very slow, making it difficult to feel the game.

The fan of the machine is quite noisy, when sitting and working in a quiet office environment, you can hear the sound of the fan spinning. Hot air is pushed out into the slit at the hinge and dissipates to the underside, so when the machine is heavy with the tasks of forming, exporting movies … the temperature on the bottom is up to about 45 degrees, can feel See the heat if you touch it. However the face area on the edge of the touchpad, where you leave your hands often is still cool.

The touchpad on the UX430 supports multi-point gestures, but Windows has not synchronized these gestures with all software.

The UX430's wide touchpad is a "Precision Touchpad", fully compatible with multi-touch gestures that are regularly updated on Windows. When using with original Windows applications such as Edge browser, operations such as zooming in, back / forward are smooth. However, for third-party applications like Google Chrome, the operation is not supported, or not as smooth as on Edge. Overall this is the point to improve, but the responsibility is at Microsoft and not from Asus.

The fingerprint sensor on the UX430 is compatible with Windows Hello, allowing you to log in, open the phone or confirm purchases on the Windows Store. This is a one-touch sensor, so the speed is faster than the traditional fingerprint sensor. However, if Asus integrates this sensor to a different point, instead of taking a place on the touchpad, it will be more reasonable.

Battery usage time

The UX430 is equipped with a 50Wh battery, slightly higher than the 48Wh level commonly found on Zenbooks. In the video test, when the device ran a Full HD video with Windows 10's Movies software in Balanced mode, 50% brightness, 50% audio level via the headset, the device took over 8 hours.

In the process of practical use with tasks such as surfing the web, working in the office and listening to music through headphones, the machine has a shelf life of about 6 hours. The UX430's battery can be used at a decent level, not really outstanding compared to the Ultrabook series.


The ZenBook UX430 is a lightweight laptop with many advantages in the price range of under 20 million. It has a beautiful design, stable performance, fast SSD and higher capacity than many of the same price range. Battery life is not too long but it is enough to meet daily use needs.

However, the UX430's glossy cover is easy to get dirty and takes up cleaning, so some users may not agree. Users also need to accept a little sacrifice of connectivity when choosing this lightweight laptop, especially at the port of output when the camera does not have a large HDMI port. If there is little need to connect images or accept the use of adapters, the UX430 is a medium-thin, lightweight laptop worth considering.


+ Sleek design, thin screen border

+ Equipped with fingerprint sensor supporting Windows Hello

+ High performance, good configuration compared to cost


– Glossy cover easy to stick to fingerprints

– Slim keyboard, the feeling of typing is not

– Only support for exporting via Micro HDMI port

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