Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C

Review Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C – VnReview

Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C is a tablet aimed at those who need to buy affordable Windows 8 tablet for mobile use.

Microsoft Surface RT is one of the few Windows 8 tablet models launched before, but it is quite expensive and the limitation of Win RT does not receive much support from users. The strength of a tablet running Windows 8 is that it uses Windows operating system, so it can run many programs like on a computer, which makes working and entertainment more convenient and closer.

However, the installation on Surface RT is the Win RT version, so the software of the tail extension .exe will not be installed, nor can it fully use the features but only the interface is similar. Therefore, Microsoft continues to launch Surface Pro and other brands such as Dell (with Latitude 10), Acer (with Iconia W510), Asus (with VivoTab Smart), Lenovo (with ThinkPad Tablet 2) … use Full use of Win 8 to improve the limitations of using software.

VnReview product evaluated this time is the tablet model Asus VivoTab Smart code ME400C, sold at the end of February 2013 for about 12.6 million dong – the cheapest among the Win 8 tablets running full at the present time. Configuration includes a 1.8GHz Atom processor 2, 10.1 inch screen, 64GB internal memory, 2GB RAM, 8MP camera, full Windows 8 operating system. The version we reviewed does not have 3G, the 3G-supported version (code ME400CL) is more expensive at about 1 million VND. It has 3 colors to choose from: black, red and white.

Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C


Asus VivoTab Smart has a weight of 580g, lighter than the iPad. The front surface is a flat sheet of glass that extends to the point of contact with the bottom to form edges. This monolithic design makes sure. The 10.1-inch screen, IPS technology makes the viewing angle more flexible and displays better than the average laptop, but it is not as impressive as the iPad. Screen brightness is 350 nits, while iPad's is 400 nits. Screen resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels similar to a regular laptop.

Compared to the older brother Asus VivoTab RT previously released, the screen of this device proved to be inferior, as the VivoTab RT uses an IPS + screen, so the viewing angles and colors are less variable, good contrast. more when using outdoors. But in general, the machine responds well to normal needs.

Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C


Screen of tablet Asus VivoTab Smart is a type of mirror ball so it is quite easy to clean but easy to clean. The protective glass is toughened glass (Corning Fit Glass) with a hard surface with scratch resistance, but the shine will affect a lot when used outdoors.

Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CThe border around the screen is quite thick. My thumb is placed on the edge of the screen only accounting for more than half of the width (especially the top and bottom edges), the screen border helps to grasp and swipe sideways (call the charm bar bar or history applications Recent uses) with fingers become easier to use. However, the slightly smaller screen border will still be able to satisfy the usage, while making it more elegant. Compared to the Microsoft Surface Pro and Samsung ATIV Tab, this device is slightly taller because of the thicker screen border, so it looks square overall.

The 2MP camera in the front serves for video chat, but it's unclear for some reason that Asus placed this camera's eye slightly to the right a little, so it doesn't have symmetry to look at, besides this camera has a light sensor .

Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CThe edge of the bottom of the screen has a Windows window icon, this is the touch button to switch to the Start Screen or Desktop screen. Although this icon has a light color on a black background, I would prefer it if it has burrs, floats a bit and has a bright LED when used like on Sony's Vaio Duo 11.

The body and bottom face are made of polycarbonate plastic quite solid and beautiful than regular plastic, but of course not as sturdy and luxurious as the metal frame of Surface or iPad. This plastic material also helps the bottom to limit dirt and fingerprints. 4 edges are rounded and beveled slightly to make the machine feel thinner.

In the middle of the bottom surface, ASUS is introduced with shiny, scratched metal. The center of the camera near the top of the camera is a large 8MP camera with a bright metal rim, beside the camera with a flash.

Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C


NFC wireless communication chip is located in the upper right corner. The entire bottom surface feels good to hold with two hands, but if you hold it with one hand when sitting on the car, you must be careful because it is quite slippery.

Intel Atom processor 1.8GHz and 2GB RAM seem to be "squeezed" as a minimum to run Windows 8. PowerVR SGX545 graphics chip can hardly handle 3D frames or simply not strong enough to respond Some applications require graphics as in regular laptops. However, simple programs like surfing the web, watching Full HD videos, listening to music, Office … still respond well. Of course you will be a bit uncomfortable because the machine is late and jerky when using heavy programs or multiple programs at the same time.

Machine storage is also a problem to consider before choosing this machine. With Windows 8, the installed capacity consumed up to 20GB, while the display capacity was only about 50 GB (about 10 GB for recovery partition, plus a few GB for preinstalled programs), so only about 25 GB left for storage, not much. To overcome this factor, the device supports microSD card slot up to 64GB, however, you will have to spend more to buy while also not wanting to install or run the program from the memory card. If the device is designed with a capacity of 128GB or more, there is nothing to complain about.

Exchange files over laptops is also different from tablets. This machine will not display its storage capacity as an attached drive, it is now a computer with a separate operating system. So you need to perform data exchange via microSD card.

Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C

The top edge of the machine on the left is the power-on button

Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C

The bottom edge is flat, there are no buttons

The left edge from top to bottom is the micro HDMI port hidden in the plastic cover, this cover when closed to the camera body has a very small slot to put the nail into the lid. The lid is very tight so you should pay attention while pulling it straight and pulling it slowly slowly to break the plastic attached. Below there is a microSD card slot, the bottom is a micro USB port to plug the battery charger. It uses Windows 8 but does not have a full-size USB port and does not come with a cable that transfers the port from micro HDMI and micro USB to full-size. You can buy this device at computer stores for about VND30,000.

Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C

Next to the bottom of the machine

The top right edge is a 3.5mm combo jack for plugging in headphones and mic. This plug also bounces down in the direction of the bottom to the bottom so when plugging in a headset or speaker, it will feel tight. Below is a big and small sound adjustment button and a small hole.

Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C

Accessories and warranty

The device comes with a battery charger and manual only. The machine has a genuine 2 year warranty.

Extended accessories include a Transleeve keyboard connected via bluetooth and at the same time "shirt" protection, foot soles mill. This accessory is sold separately for about 2 million VND, not with the device.

Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C

Transleeve keyboard has many colors

Features and applications included

The device also supports many wireless connections like standard Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and NFC. There are also G sensors, light sensors, gyroscopes, electronic compasses, Hall sensors like on regular tablets.

Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C

NFC chips close communication

It has pre-installed camera, Skype, FigerShare applications to manage data, storage tools such as Asus WebStorage with 32 GB free for 3 years, Asus Vibe Fun Center application store, My Dictionary to look up dictionaries, SuperNote notebook, My Library ebook store …

Feel the process of use and performance

It uses full Windows 8 version instead of Windows RT version like on VivoTab RT or Surface so it can run normal programs like for a computer, not as limited as Windows RT. Live Tiles make beautiful views. Windows application store now has a lot of software, but some software is limited, such as when watching full screen movies with KMPlayer software, use drag and drop feature from top to bottom but not turn off the program goes.

For web surfing, built-in IE10 proved to be very compatible with using touch on Windows 8, especially in the Start Screen interface. Flip Ahead feature helps you swipe from right to left to quickly switch to the next page (see more here). However, the process used to type page names in the address bar is not very convenient when in desktop mode. The virtual keyboard does not automatically appear when you press the prompt to type in the address name that must be activated in the taskbar.

Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C

With the Office 2013 set of machines working stably. I try to play some free games on the warehouse within 1 hour, then the machine works well, the bottom is a bit hot.

The boot time from pressing the power button to entering Win takes about 14 seconds. The restart time is 25 seconds while the shutdown time takes only a few seconds.


Asus VivoTab Smart is preloaded with two camera applications in which one application is bundled with Win 8, the other is exclusive to Asus. With this exclusive camera application, users can turn on / off the flash, select effects or adjust white balance according to needs, and can also take panoramic photos.

The 8MP rear-facing camera has the ability to adjust focus, support flash and good quality Full HD video recording for a tablet.

Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C

Actual photo

Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C

Normal photo

Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C

Panorama mode

1080p movie recording


The left side of the bottom has 6 rows of small holes to play the sound of the speaker. The unilateral-designed speaker on the side creates a slightly skewed sounding sensation on the side of the speaker instead of the sound coming out evenly like many devices with symmetrical speakers. The sound of the device is quite good but I find the capacity is quite small when turned on all and use the machine with two hands. If placed on the wooden table surface, the sound will be louder. Moreover, the speaker design in this position is easily obscured by the palm of the hand when using the device, making the sound smaller as the smaller.

Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C

The speaker is only on one side (mono) and not stereo as the NSX parameter

The battery

According to the manufacturer's specifications, the machine uses 25Wh Li-polymer battery. According to the manufacturer, in 720p video playback mode, 100 nit brightness, the default volume via headphones, Wi-Fi connection, the device can use 9.5 hours.

Actual testing, using KMPlayer program to run continuously Up animation movie quality 720p, screen brightness at 50%, volume set at 50% with headphone plugged in, Wi-fi turned off, the device can use 7 ,8 o'clock. This result is a bit lower than the manufacturer's spec, but this time is also considered quite long for a Chip Atom tablet running Windows 8. The full charge time is 5 hours.

In terms of daily work, I use Office, surf the web, occasionally listen to music, watch movies and play games, and see that the device can meet more than a day.

Review tablet Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C


Asus VivoTab Smart is a Win 8 tablet with competitive price. It has light weight, long battery life, so it is easy to take with you to entertain and solve some tasks with popular office software like a laptop. Before deciding to buy the product, you should see more highly-rated tablets running here. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this machine such as: cheap, good battery, good camera but not supporting 3G, not integrating common fullsize USB port as in laptop and transferring and receiving file mechanism must be passed memory Stickā€¦

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