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The Asus Memo Pad may still be under the shadow of the Nexus 7 senior, which was quietly released at CES 2013, but the price of $ 150 ($ 3.1 million) makes it a A pretty attractive device. technology page has had the opportunity to test this tablet before it launches.

Unlike Nexus 7, the Memo Pad has its own Asus interface on Android 4.1, so that's not the original Jelly Bean version.

In order to lower the price, Asus has cut the specifications of the machine, especially the screen. Despite the same screen size with Nexus 7, image quality has been reduced. Not only is the resolution reduced to 1024 x 600 pixels, the pixel density is lower, but the viewing angle is also inferior. However, the plus point for the screen is the relatively good brightness, at 336cd / m2, close to the iPad Mini's 400cd / m2 brightness.

The device's battery can last for 5 hours if the screen is turned on continuously at 50% brightness, but in its official announcement, Asus thinks it can be used within 7 to 8 hours.

In terms of processing power and graphics, this device doesn't have a terrible configuration, but surprisingly, users can still play Dead Trigger and similar games. The biggest weakness is a single core chip and no GPS positioning capability.

In general, Asus Memo Pad is quite good when customers consider the configuration and quality in general.

asus memo pad

asus memo pad

Antutu benchmark results

asus memo pad

GL test results Benchmark 2.1 Egypt

asus memo pad

The device plays Dead Trigger

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