Microsoft Q3 / 2019: $ 33.1 billion in revenue, still growing strongly, but Surface and gaming are both in decline - Photo 1.
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Revenue of 33.1 billion USD, is still growing strongly, but Surface and gaming are declining

Microsoft has just released its financial statements for Q3 / 2019, ending on September 30 (Q1, 2020). Accordingly, the software giant achieved revenue of 33.1 billion USD, net profit of 10.7 billion USD. Sales increased 14% and net profit increased 27% compared to last year.

Once again, the growth of the cloud business and Office helped Microsoft have a good business quarter. Meanwhile, Surface and gaming segment both declined. In Q3 / 2019, Microsoft didn't have any new Surface products, and as a result, its revenue declined 4%.

In early October, Microsoft launched new Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3 models. Next month, Microsoft will also launch Surface Pro X, and later this year is Surface Ear. Therefore, the results of the next quarter of the new Surface business are really remarkable.

In gaming, revenue dropped 7%. The brightest star is still Minecraft, which recorded record sales this quarter. However, that still cannot make Microsoft's gaming segment grow. Gaming revenue is expected to continue to decline by 20% in Q4 / 2019, when Xbox sales are still very gloomy.

Microsoft Q3 / 2019: $ 33.1 billion in revenue, still growing strongly, but Surface and gaming are both in decline - Photo 2.

Office is the real star in Microsoft's business reports. Office 365 service revenue increased 13% from last year, and Microsoft now has more than 200 million Office 365 subscribers. That's a 30% growth, from 155 million subscribers last year, showing that businesses are gradually switch to using cloud software instead of traditional installation software.

Azure cloud computing also continued to contribute to Microsoft's growth, with 59% revenue growth. Server and cloud services generally grew by 30% compared to last year. Microsoft is still competing with formidable rivals such as Amazon, Google or Salesforce.

It is worth noting that the three main businesses of Microsoft all have quite similar revenue. Business services and Office reached US $ 11.1 billion, cloud segment reached US $ 10.8 billion, and personal devices including Windows reached US $ 11.1 billion.

Show that Microsoft is very diverse in business, and have achieved impressive success.

Reference: theverge

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