Revenue exceeded 200 million yuan, "72 Media" entered the advertising market with tissue machine launches

Revenue exceeded 200 million yuan, “72 Media” entered the advertising market with tissue machine launches

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In recent years, the slowdown of online traffic, the increase in customer acquisition costs, and the consolidation of the competitive landscape have caused players from all parties to shift their attention to offline traffic. Data shows that China’s outdoor advertising digital share in 2019 has reached 42%, higher than the global average of 40%. The digital upgrade of outdoor advertising and acquisition of offline traffic are the development trends.

Focusing on offline traffic acquisition, a new type of large-screen advertisements began to appear in public toilets and lounges in office buildings, shopping malls, stations, subways and other places. Related companies use automatic tissue machines with electronic large screens to directly place advertisements, and use related technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data analysis, video networking, and light and shadow interaction to connect online and offline for precise marketing.

This is an advertising model that deserves attention. First of all, the bathroom/rest room is a place that people use frequently and has a fixed stay time, but it is still an advertising area where advertising giants such as Focus Media are involved. Second, people often have tissues when they go out. It is more common in places such as toilets and restrooms. Free tissues can solve emergency needs and gather users. Finally, this type of advertising machine/paper towel machine can also become the basic Internet of things equipment in the city. Various types of information in places such as lounges and lounges are online.

Recently, 36 krypton came into contact withSeventy Two MediaHe is one of the practitioners of this mode, and has stable scene cooperation and a large number of users. The company was founded in 2018. So far, its revenue has exceeded 200 million yuan, the number of users has exceeded 1 million, the number of daily active users has exceeded 20,000, the number of new daily users has exceeded 2,000, and the total number of orders has exceeded 640,000.

It is reported that 72 Media has recently received tens of millions of yuan in pre-IPO stage investment, and has reached a cooperation with the listing counseling agency Green Professional Capital (Nasdaq stock code: GRNQ) to initiate listing compliance counseling, which is planned this year Submit the prospectus within.

Seventy-two Media links the government, businesses, and users to create a complete three-party win-win business marketing solution. The main income comes from third-party brand advertising, paper towel machine sales, operation and maintenance service fees, and digital marketing services. Revenue and gross profit margin averaged 68.6%.

Examples of 72 Media Operation Models

From the product level, the company’s products can be divided into hardware products and software products. Among them, the hardware products are based on the Solome smart tissue machine, including LED transparent glass film, smart large screen, smart mirror, etc. A variety of intelligent interactive products, software products include a product matrix based on interactive advertising APP.

According to reports, the Solome non-profit tissue machine is relatively sealed, which can effectively prevent the remaining tissues from being exposed to the outside. Users only need to scan the QR code on the screen of the machine to get free tissues about 70 cm long. Each person can receive them twice a day for free to avoid wasting tissues in public toilets. Moreover, it also has a high-definition 5G smart advertising screen affixed to its body, which can directly play advertisements with a unique two-dimensional code, and directly scan the code to enter e-shops such as, Pinduoduo and Taobao. At the same time, the small programs and apps developed by 72 Media also introduce interesting content such as videos, games, and psychological tests to enhance interaction.

In addition to the design, site selection and installation of the tissue machine, advertising is also one of the company’s important competitiveness. Seventy-two Media’s advertising system combined with Internet big data technology can accurately analyze the different locations of each device and combine the characteristics of user groups to provide advertisers with high-precision advertising strategies. In addition, the company can also provide customers with copywriting and promotion support, and can comprehensively manage advertising positioning online, perform data tracking and point optimization.

The country promotes the “toilet revolution”. The latest “Urban Public Toilet Design Standards” also requires that public toilets can be equipped with air-conditioning under the premise of meeting the basic needs of public toilets.Basic configuration such as toilet paper, hand towel, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, flavoring machine, and shelf.

“The paper towel machine meets the needs of public toilets with paper towels, and is clean, sanitary, and zero-touch. Businesses who install the paper towel machine can also participate in the advertising revenue share, which can enhance the cohesiveness of cooperation, save electricity and rent expenses for paving, and can also The flow of people has been realized, so it has been rapidly popularized.” 72 Media’s chairman and CEO Xiang Keming told 36 krypton, “At present, 72 media’s commercial products have covered 19 provinces and regions, 1087 shopping malls, and 527 There are several scenic spots, 208 office buildings, 498 communities, 89 bus stations, 78 hospitals and other scenes.”

Installation diagram of tissue machine

In terms of market expansion, the company has screened public welfare tissue machines suitable for first- and second-tier cities and non-screened tissue machine products suitable for low-consumption cities. It has expanded its market with urban regional service centers and expanded its market. It is currently in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, The cities of Chengdu, Guangzhou, Foshan, Xiamen, Nanchang, and Guiyang have established 35 urban operation centers, and plans to achieve full coverage of more than 90% of China’s prefecture-level cities within 2-3 years.

In terms of future planning, Xiang Keming, Chairman and CEO of 72 Media, told 36 krypton that the company has formally reached a cooperation with Foshan Ai Earth Technology Development Co., Ltd. and jointly invested in the establishment of Shenzhen Wusu World New Material Technology Co., Ltd. The new company will Enter the subdivision field of new environmental protection products. At present, the company’s new product gesture sensor paper towel machine, new environmentally friendly material paper towel machine has entered the research and development stage.

Today, the era of “smart media” is coming. Using big data, intelligent computing and other technologies to analyze consumer environments, behaviors and preferences, and provide precise matching marketing services has become one of the important trends in the advertising industry. At the same time, the popularization of 5G will further enrich the interactive methods and interactive content of advertising and marketing. , To promote the market to be further opened.

It is understood that under this background, 72 Media will also focus on 5G coverage. All products are preset with 5G chip ports, keeping up with the trend of IOT interconnection, and aiming to achieve product interconnection across the region in the future.


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