Sforum - Latest technology news page AKG-N400 Revealing three new AKG headphones from Samsung via SmartThing update

Revealing three new AKG headphones from Samsung through SmartThing update

With the latest update from SmartThing application, Samsung has indirectly revealed 3 new AKG audio products, in turn, AKG earphones with N400, Y400 and Y600 codes.

The first is the AKG N400, with a visual appearance, this is a remarkable product with a true wireless design, if that's the case, this is the first true wireless headset from AKG. Unlike Galaxy Buds developed and produced by Samsung itself, but refined by AKG under the name "Sound by AKG", the N400 is a headset developed entirely by AKG itself. This may be a competing product with airpod from Apple.

Sforum - The latest technology news page AKG-Y400 Revealing three new AKG headphones from Samsung via SmartThing update

In addition, the two products Y400 and Y600 also appear in turn as wireless headphones on-ear and full size. Specifications and features of these two new products will be completely developed based on the previous Y500 headset model. In particular, Y600 is expected to be a worthy replacement product for Y500. It is known that these are two wireless headset models that will be compatible and used with SmartThing application developed by Samsung.

Sforum - Latest technology information page AKG-Y600 Revealing three new AKG headphones from Samsung via SmartThing update

Currently with the leaked information, we do not know the specs and special features of these two earphones from AKG. Maybe at the Unpacked event that takes place on July 8, Samsung will announce information about the specifications as well as the official selling price.

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