Revealing the favorite Oval Office interior color palette of the last 6 US presidents 3 minutes to read

Revealing the favorite Oval Office interior color palette of the last 6 US presidents 3 minutes to read

If you’ve been working from home over the past few months, you’ve probably been thinking about how to set up your space. No matter how much space you own, some design that “touches” right here or there in your room can make it feel your own unique – whether it’s a kitchen table. , a corner of the living room or the Oval Office.

Yes, even presidents want to add a personal touch to their workspaces, shown in a series of interesting illustrations depicting the interior design of the Oval Office over the past 30 years.

Bill Clinton’s Oval Office (1993 – 2001) (Image: Aspire Doors)

Aspire Doors reenactment how the last six presidents of the United States decorated the Oval Office, revealing some fascinating differences – and the similarities. As well as furniture and decorations, the illustrations show the top 3 colors that are present in every redesign of this famous office. It seems that none of the last six presidents predicted the future, but in the end they chose both Pantone 2021 colors at the time.

While Donald Trump’s office has a “rich palette of gold, blue and platinum”, Barack Obama chose a design “not too far from the US flag” – warm red, blue, creamy and white (above). Perhaps the most minimalistic palette belongs to George W Bush, with a surprising combination of platinum, cream, and gray-blue (below).

But some factors have not changed during that time. The white wainscot partition at the back of the room is kept intact, while the office’s left drawer cabinet is present in every version. These illustrations are a compelling look at how subtle interior design changes can transform the look and personality of a room.

And among those tweaks, perhaps the most notable is still color. Indeed, as the color theory guide reveals, making the most of the relationships between different colors is one of the most important art techniques you should master.

Translator: Nam Vu

Source: creativebloq

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