Revealing the fancy design of the iPhone 13 Pro with a smaller notch

Revealing the fancy design of the iPhone 13 Pro with a smaller notch

The 3D model is said to be of the iPhone 13 with a smaller notch with changes to the front camera, speakers and the size of the notch.

Recently, on the Japanese site Mac Otakara has suddenly shared about a supposed 3D model of the iPhone 13 Pro with a big change in the notch.

The 3D rendering is said to be the iPhone 13 Pro with a smaller notch

Notch on the iPhone started to appear from the iPhone X series. It is this design that has created the characteristic rabbit ears screen from the X series to the present. Over the four generations of iPhones including X, XR, 11 and 12, Apple has barely changed the Notch part because it is a composite module containing the FaceID sensor, front camera and speaker. The large notch makes the rabbit’s ears small, reducing the screen display area.

If the new images released by Mac Otakara are real, chances are Apple has actually made a step towards shrinking the Notch to widen the notch.

The content of the shared photo shows that, compared to the iPhone 12 Pro, the iPhone 13 Pro will have a 5.35 mm high notch compared to the 5.30 mm of the current ‚ÄĆiPhone 12 Pro. The width of the Notch decreased from 34.83 mm to 26.80 mm. Thus, the rabbit ears will be wider, allowing the screen to display more information.

3D model of iPhone 13 Pro on the back

Currently, it is too early to confirm the accuracy of the published images. Apple fans waiting for the iPhone 13 will probably need to wait to know its true design. Meanwhile, many sources claim that the iPhone 13 will change very little in appearance but could bring many new technologies such as a stronger A15 chip, a 120 Hz screen, a better camera and adding new colors.


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