Revealing Hygon - the CPU developed by China based on AMD's Zen architecture

Revealing Hygon – the CPU developed by China based on AMD's Zen architecture

Patrick Kennedy discovered a CPU named Hygon made by China at Computex19. This is a billion-dollar version of the AMD EPYC series for servers. Since 2016, AMD and the advanced technology investment company Thien Tan Hai Quang (Tianjin Haiguang Advanced Technology Investment – THATIC) have established an investment cooperation company to develop architecture-based microprocessors. Zen dedicated to the Chinese market. In particular, AMD provides Zen architecture while the CPU is designed by this company. Even so, AMD recently stopped transferring technology to THATIC.


AMD holds 49% and THATIC holds 51% of the company's shares established by both and the first product is Hygon Dhyana CPU. It has been commercialized on Sugon Workstation-branded workstations. Many questions are raised around this CPU and according to a Weibo user, Sugon's machines use 8-core Dhyana 3185 CPU, L1 768 KB buffer, L2 4 MB and L3 16 MB similar to version AMD's lowest EPYC. On the surface they look exactly like EPYC, the difference is still unclear, only to know that it doesn't use an encryption engine like EPYC.

Hygon (2) .jpg

The frame helps to install this CPU (red) in the style of EPYC or Ryzen Threadripper (orange). What's more interesting is that the Chinese text is located in the lower right corner, translating to mean: "Using personalities to calculate the future" but also means "Using passion to calculate the future" due to homophones different meaning.

According to: AnandTech


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