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Revealed possibilities about the location of US-China trade agreement

The US flag (right) and the Chinese flag at a round of US-China trade talks. Photo: REUTERS / TTXVN

Alaska and Hawaii are seen as potential options that the Chinese side can accept. Meanwhile, a Chinese trade source said Beijing had offered to conduct the event at the Macau Special Administrative Region.

The US president has not yet made a specific proposal on when to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Meanwhile, China's Ministry of Commerce confirmed that the country's top trade negotiators and the US will return to the negotiating table on November 1 despite the turmoil when Chile canceled the summit. APEC – where leaders of the two countries are expected to meet. According to the ministry, the negotiating groups in Beijing and Washington will continue to maintain close contact and the negotiations are still progressing smoothly. The two sides will continue to promote negotiations and many other works according to the original plan. Officials of the two sides are expected to conduct another phone call on November 1.

President Trump has expressed hope that the "Phase 1" trade agreement with Beijing will be signed on the sidelines of the November APEC Summit in Chile, after 18 months of escalating trade tensions between the two major powers. This sacrifice. However, Chilean President Sebastian Pinera on October 30 announced the cancellation of hosting the 2019 APEC Summit due to the ongoing political crisis in the country.

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