Reuniting Dong Le A, Dong Great Tails in Love Every Centimeter
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Reuniting Dong Le A, Dong Great Tails in Love Every Centimeter

The Centimeter of Love is a romantic drama about the elite cardiologist Tu Thanh Phong (played by Dong Dai Vy) and the chief female captain Quan Vu Tinh (played by Dong Le A). After constantly encountering, working together to deal with bad and funny situations, Thanh Phong and the beautiful captain gradually develop feelings. Seeing work as a safe place to avoid the urge of family, but the two soon understand that they themselves are the biggest barrier when suddenly realizing that they have a crush on each other.

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Love Every Centimeter attracts attention with the sweet images of a pair of lovers, boys and girls, like “people of one’s family”. Moreover, the drama’s appeal lies in the family story of Thanh Phong and Vu Tinh. These are slices often encountered in Asian family culture: a mother who loves her children so much that she wants to control everything, or an old-fashioned father who values ​​only the male goal, rejects the child’s efforts. girl …

The film project of director Phan Viet is done in beautiful scenes in Beijing and Shenyang (China). The film brings together the talented actors of Chinese films such as Dong Le A, Dong Dai Vi, Do Tung Nham and “Thuan Phi” Ho Kha … and a class of very popular actors such as Dan Kien Thu, Tran Tu Do, Khuong Nghien and Ta Tieu Thanh …

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Dong Le A brave with the image of an almighty captain

Dong Le A is a famous and talented actor for nearly 10 years. Coming from the pristine Xinjiang region, her pure beauty and big, round eyes and charming smile are like an unmistakable prairie flower in Cbiz. Not only possessing beauty, but also being praised by the public for her talent. From supporting roles to leading roles, historical to modern, she has never disappointed audiences because of her role-playing ability.

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After the divorce caused a stir earlier this year, Dong Le A quickly returned to the small screen as the beautiful captain Quan Vu Tinh. Although he himself has a lot of money, but in the eyes of his patriarchal father, Vu Tinh is no different from a “ATM” that withdraws unlimited money for his arrogant, unjust brother, Coffin Chan Lei (Dan Xuong).

Dong Dai Vy is warm in the role of a doctor who loves his job

Born in 1979, Dong Dai Vy belongs to the top class of actors at the same time as Tran Khone, Trieu Vy, Chau Tan and Huynh Hieu Minh. Although he has a simple appearance, unlike the young contemporary marshals, Dai Vy always knows how to attract the audience with his calm, mature, experienced man performances.

Reuniting Dong Le A, Dong Great Tails in Love Every Centimeter - Photo 4.

After getting married with his wife Quan Duyet, he himself confided that he would refuse to overly love love scenarios because he thinks about his wife. Love Every Centimeter is a movie with a special rare love theme that Dong Dai Vy accepts to participate in. He plays Tu Thanh Phong – a cardiologist who is very passionate about his work, so over 30 are still single. He lived with his mother since childhood. Mrs. Tu Lan always loves to take care of him, but her love is so great that she always wants to personally manage both his career and the love of her son.

With the presence of two “magnets” Dong Le A – Dong Dai Vy, combined with the love story “sweet honey” and family problems that are not unfamiliar to Vietnamese audiences, Love each Centiment is is expected to become the most worth watching movie at the end of this year.

The movie The Centimeter of Love was first broadcast in Vietnam on the feature film application and Foxy application of FPT Television, parallel to China starting 11/16/2020. The drama consists of 44 episodes, airing 2 episodes per day, only Friday and Saturday 1 episode per day; with captions and subtitles options.


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