Retro Variations! Preview of HONDA “CB350 H’ness” Extension Car

After HONDA launched the retro single-cylinder street car CB350 H’ness in India last year, it has not only received enthusiastic response from the local area, but we are also looking forward to it in Taiwan. With the continuous introduction of traders, we also have the opportunity to buy this entry-level yellow card retro street car.

However, the battle for mid-displacement cars is getting fiercer in India. With the release of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, the main rival of the CB350 H’ness, HONDA will develop an extended model for its retro models. The Indian media also received the announcement of the new car without warning. Only a photo of the rear of the car was given in the article, which caused many reveries.

Judging from the pictures, there are not many clues in a single photo of the rear of the car, but after comparing it with the current CB350 H’ness, many differences can be found. First of all, the most obvious place is the modification of the taillights. The original retro-flavored round lights are set in Houtuchu to a modern style, and the position is also changed to the rear of the cushion. The chrome-plated fenders have also been replaced and replaced with plastic parts. The current rear armrest design has also been removed and replaced with screw-fixed support rods. The angle of the exhaust pipe is also much more upturned than the current model. With the use of large tires, it is no wonder that foreign media boldly predict that it may be a derivative of Scrambler.

Judging from the clues obtained so far, the original factory has given the derivative models a very sporty tone, and it must also target a younger ethnic group. Of course, it is too early to use the current clues to catch drugs in the air. The official forecast will be announced on February 16, 2021, which is also very exciting. Coupled with the high popularity of Taiwan, this derivative model will be available in Taiwan in the near future! Let us look forward to the day when the real car is announced!

Original Source: HONDA CB350 H’ness Extension Car Preview Honda Retro Variation

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