Retro recruits report! YAMAHA “FZ-X” unveiled in India

▲With “RIDE FREE” as the slogan of the car model, it means that the rider can ride the FZ-X to wherever he wants to go.

YAMAHA recently launched a new 150cc model in India, which is regarded as the new classic version of FZ-S “FZ-X”. In terms of car model positioning, it is equivalent to the XSR in the MT car series, and because the FZ-X debuted in a fashionable style, it was eye-catching when it debuted in India!

A new retro style with a cross-border flavor!

YAMAHA recently announced in India the FZ-X, a neo-classical style car with semi-block tires. The FZ-X is based on the FZ FI, a street car equipped with a 149cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine, with a retro style and a strong visual sense. The appearance is a car that can enjoy a variety of usage scenarios from daily life to long-distance travel.

Although the 149cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine on FZ-X has a SOHC 2 valve structure, it is a YAMAHA BLUE CORE engine that meets the Indian emission standards. This power core with a bore of 57.3mm x a stroke of 57.9mm can provide 12.4ps The maximum horsepower of /7250rpm and the maximum torque of 1.4kg-m that can be fully exerted at 5500rpm are reminiscent of the convenience of daily use and excellent acceleration.

The configuration of the upright front fork and the rear center single-gun shock absorber is quite satisfactory. Both the front and rear are equipped with disc brakes, and the front wheels are equipped with BOSCH single-channel ABS, with thick two-stage cushions, semi-block tires, Under the engine guard plate, etc., while ensuring riding comfort and safety functions, the rider can ride the FZ-X to any place.

In terms of electrical system, FZ-X uses a high-contrast display dashboard. Car owners can also purchase a version that can be connected to a smart phone through Y-Connect according to their usage habits. You can check the fuel consumption, maintenance information, and maintenance information of the vehicle on the smart phone. Body information such as the last parking position and tachometer; as for the headlights, LED taillights, and LED direction lights that include LED daytime running lights, they all add a modern and fashionable color to the retro appearance of the FZ-X.

▲The round headlight is an integrated light group including DRL daytime running lights.

▲The taillights also use LEDs as the light source, and the sturdy rear armrest looks very reassuring and reliable.

The price of FZ-X in India is 116,800 rupees (equivalent to NT$43,800) for the standard version and 119,800 rupees (equivalent to NT$45,000) for the optional Y-Connect version.

YAMAHA 2021 Indian Specification FZ-X



MATTE BLACK matte black

Main specifications

Model FZ-X
Total length × total width × total height (mm) 2,020×785×1,115mm
Seat height (mm) 810mm
Wheelbase (mm) 1,330mm
Vehicle weight (kg) 139kg
Engine form Air-cooled four-stroke SOHC 2-valve single cylinder
Displacement 149cc
Bore x stroke 57.3mm x 57.9mm
Maximum horsepower 12.4ps / 7250rpm
Maximum torque 1.4kg-m / 5500rpm
Fuel tank capacity 10L
Brake system before Fixed disc + one-way double-piston caliper
Rear Fixed disc + single piston caliper
Suspension system before Upright fork
Rear Central single gun rear shock
Tire size before 100 / 80-17
Rear 140 / 60-17

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