Direct West Brom 1-0 MU: The first goal in Photo 1

Results West Brom vs MU: Surrendered to Man City

The Portuguese midfielder’s super product helped the Red Devils get rid of the empty ending against West Brom.

Despite having to welcome strong opponent Man Utd, West Brom did not feel overwhelmed and played quite confidently. Not only that, the Hawthorns home team also had a goal to open the score right from the first attack situation.

After 2 minutes, West Brom coordinated to help Gallagher have the ball on the right wing. The young midfielder observed quickly and gave the road cross The ball was accurate, giving Diagne a chance to get past Lindelof and hit De Gea’s header.

Brom opened the scoring very early

With the opening score, West Brom immediately “poured concrete” to preserve advantage. This match made United feel comfortable holding the ball, but could hardly create any good chances in the first half.

When MU had difficulty, Bruno Fernandes once again shined to save his team. In the 45th minute, the 26-year-old midfielder launched an extremely classy left-foot volley after Luke Shaw’s cross, the ball rolled and hit West Brom’s net in the helplessness of goalkeeper Johnstone.

Direct West Brom 1-1 MU: Bruno made a super product Photo 1
Bruno’s very classy goal

However, that moment of shining was also the biggest highlight of Bruno Fernandes as well as his teammates. Despite their efforts, the red shirt players are still completely helpless to score more goals against the home team.

Only earning one point, United still regained second place from Leicester City. However, the gap between them and Man City has been widened to 7 points.

Final: West Brom 1-1 MU

Schedule of Premier League round 24

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  • West Brom: Johnstone, Peltier, Ajayi, Bartley, Townsend, Yokuslu, Snodgrass, Maitland-Niles, Gallagher, Pereira, Diagne
  • MU: De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Shaw, McTominay, Fred, Fernandes, Rashford, Martial, Cavani

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90 ‘+ 5: NO INPUT

Maguire put the ball to the crossbar

90 ‘: The second half has 5 minutes of stoppage time

90 & # 39;: NO

Greenwood dribbled and stretched out with effort, but no one could touch the ball

85 & # 39;: YELLOW CARD

Snodgrass fouled with Rashford, dangerous free kick for MU

78 & # 39;: FAULT

Diagne could not win against De Gea in a 1 vs 1 situation. Maguire previously lost the ball in the penalty area.

Direct West Brom 1-1 MU: tit-for-tat Photo 1

70 & # 39;: NOT IN

Greenwood could not beat the opponent’s goalkeeper even though the distance to the goal was less than 10 meters

64 & # 39;: NO PENALTY

After watching the VAR, the referee canceled the previous decision

62 & # 39;: PENALTY

Maguire was pulled over in the penalty area and the referee did not hesitate to point at the penalty spot

58 & # 39;: FOOTBALL

Fulong’s cross did not get past Wan-Bissaka

Direct West Brom 1-1 MU: tit-for-tat Photo 1

54 & # 39;: SCORE

Pereira finished in the penalty area and sent the ball across the MU goal

50 & # 39;: NO

Rashford broke well on the right flank and had a good cross. However, no MU player can finish




45 & # 39;: IN !!!!!!! (West Brom 1-1 MU 🙂

From the fruit cross on the left flank of Luke Shaw, the ball finds Bruno Fernandes in the penalty area. With his left foot, number 18 on the MU side swung the ball to go straight into the dangerous corner of West Brom goal

37 & # 39;: Gallagher received the yellow card for a foul on Fred

33 & # 39;: Maguire’s break through the box was awarded a corner kick

Direct West Brom 1-0 MU: Red Devils have trouble Photo 1

27 & # 39;: SAVE

Continuing to be a successful dogfight for West Brom but De Gea was not outstanding

24 & # 39;: TOP

Diagne continued to surpass Lindelof to have a header towards the Reds goal. However, the ball lacked precision

23 & # 39;: NOT IN

Rashford’s annoying cross made the home team defender almost burn the home net

19 & # 39;: Yokuslu had two consecutive impressive interceptions in the area near the West Brom penalty area

17 & # 39;: United can no longer maintain the same pressure as after conceding a goal

Direct West Brom 1-0 MU: The first goal in Photo 1

13 & # 39;: HARD

The Reds are still in good control of the ball, but they have not created any remarkable opportunities

8′: MU was pushing high and immediately regained his posture

4 & # 39;: NO

Fred’s shot from line 2 failed to get past the defenders

2 & # 39;: INTO !!!!!!!!! (West Brom 1-0 MU)

From the fruit cross Gallagher’s flexible on the right wing, Diagne overcame Lindelof’s block to hit De Gea’s header.

first’: West Brom served first


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