Porto 1-0 Juventus: Fatal Mistake Photo 1

Results Porto vs Juventus: Seismic at Dragao

Juventus had to admit defeat in favor of Porto, the opponent was considered to be easy to play in the 1/8 round of the European Cup.

Before the match took place, the fans were very concerned about what coach Andrea Pirlo would do to pierce the defense of Porto. However, when the young rulers have not yet applied the cards notebook His team received a bucket of cold water.

Right from the second minute, the home team players offering High pressure in the opponent’s field. Too subjective, midfielder Bentancur passed the ball unattended and though Szczesny came out very quickly but could not stop the finish of the shot either Taremi.

Juve’s mistakes have been thoroughly exploited. Photo: Getty

Receiving the goal from too early, the Juventus players almost lost their confidence. The first half ended in a complete stalemate for the away team. Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo did not even have a chance to finish.

Things went even worse for Pirlo and his students in the second half. Juventus’ dreamy defense continues to play lack of concentration to let Manafa alone dribbling through 3 players. Defender Porto later pass back reasonably for Marega to comfortably finish double the gap.

Porto 2-0 Juventus: Collapse?  Photo 1
Marega doubled the gap for Porto

After the second goal, Juventus did not even create enough pressure on the home team’s defense. However, the minute of Chiesa’s final shine helped Lao Grandma get an extremely valuable goal before entering the second leg.

Even if you lose, the chances of continuing for the Bianconeri are still many. But to do this, Ronaldo and his teammates need to regain the confidence of a champion.

Final: Porto 2-1 Juventus

Schedule for round 1/8 of the European Cup 2020/21

Schedule of the Europa League knockout round 2020/21


  • Porto: Marchesin, Manafa, Mbemba, Pepe, Sanusi, Uribe, Otavio, Oliveira, Corona, Taremi, Marega
  • Juventus: Szczesny, Danilo, De Ligt, Chiellini, Alex Sandro, Rabiot, Bentancur, McKennie, Kulusevski, Chiesa, Ronaldo

(Major developments | Photo: Getty)


90 ‘+ 4: Ronaldo fell in the penalty area, but the referee kept the game going

90 ‘: The second half has 4 minutes of stoppage time

89 & # 39;: The spirit of the visitors of the visitors team is very high

82 & # 39;: INTO !!! (Porto 2-1 Juventus)

Rabiot escaped on the left wing and returned reasonable to Chiesa to shorten the score

80 & # 39;: DANGER

Rabiot almost burned his own net after a situation of trying to clear the ball with his head

75 & # 39;: Manafa safely breaking the ball after a hand-to-hand dispute with Morata

68 & # 39;: NOT IN

Corona flung the ball and leaned the lamp table spontaneously, making Szczesny a hard time to stop

Porto 2-0 Juventus: Collapse?  Photo 1

63 & # 39;: YELLOW CARD

De Ligt was warned after an illegal tackle with Marega

52 & # 39;: OPPORTUNITY

Right in the penalty area, Oliveira comfortably finished but Szczesny played with concentration

50 & # 39;: NOT IN

Ronaldo has the first shot, but the ball goes completely harmless

46 & # 39;: IN !!!!!!! (Porto 2-0 Juventus)

After a speedy breakthrough, Manafa passed the ball just right for Marega to double the gap




45 & # 39;: Only one minute of stoppage time

Porto 1-0 Juventus: Fatal Mistake Photo 1

40 & # 39;: STOP

Demiral hits her head too gentle and can’t make Marchesin difficult

35 & # 39;: Chiellini was hurt and forced to make room for Demiral

34 & # 39;: Juventus repeatedly failed to pass decisive situations, things were very difficult for the visitors

29 & # 39;: TOP

Taremi Fierce combat, but his header was not strong enough to make Szczesny difficult

23 & # 39;: SHOOT

Szczesny passed the ball straight to Oliveira’s foot and the midfielder immediately finished, causing De Ligt to roll to block

Porto 1-0 Juventus: Fatal Mistake Photo 1

19 & # 39;: NO

From a very long distance, Oliveira decided to have a straight shot and the ball was easily in the hands of Szczesny

13 & # 39;: NOT IN

Oliveira does not cross the fence, the corner for Porto

ten’: Kulusevski and Rabiot collided with each other, causing Juve’s attack situation to be broken

4 & # 39;: DANGER

The Juventus defense continued to be intimidated, but this time the goalkeeper Szczesny broke the ball safely

2 & # 39;: IN !!!!!!!! (Porto 1-0 Juventus)

Bentancur passes straight to the opponent in the box and Taremi quickly flashed the opportunity

first’: Juventus serves first


VIDEO: MU defender fell when he was trying to block a Man City player



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