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Results of trans-Vietnam test run of VinFast LUX A2.0 and SA2.0: stable and fuel-efficient operation

The last two models of VinFast LUX A2.0 and SA2.0 have completed the 6,000 km of trans-Vietnam test run in 15 days. The test runs primarily to test and refine the vehicle's air conditioning system (HVAC) to best suit many different climate types in Vietnam. At the same time, VinFast experts that Magna Steyr also noted about the operation status and performance of the vehicle in various conditions. You can review the highlights of the LUX A2.0 and LUX SA2.0 test run in the following video:

Regarding the air conditioning system, a real test was conducted when the car was sun-dried outside for 2 hours. Experts waited for the car's temperature to rise to 68 degrees C to enter the vehicle, start the engine and regulate the operation. The result of the air-conditioning system adjusted to suit the tropical climate of LUX works well, after about 10 minutes of turning on the air conditioner, the temperature and air in the car return to normal.

The point I pay more attention to in the above video is the ability to save fuel of 2 models in the actual traffic condition quite well. Accordingly, the VinFast LUX A2.0 and SA2.0 test run have fuel consumption of 7.4 and 9.1 liters / 100 km respectively. Along with that, the experts noted that the 8-speed automatic transmission ZF is fine-tuned algorithm to prioritize to maintain the low rpm. In general, 2 models of VinFast LUX operate stably on mixed roads, including school roads, steep mountain passes and light offroad tests.

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According to my observation of the image when testing in sand terrain, the SUV is likely to be the Premium version with 4-wheel full-time AWD (All-wheel-drive). In addition, VinFast LUX SA2.0 also has a Standard version equipped with rear drive system RWD (Rear-wheel-drive). The turbocharged petrol engine on both LUX SA 2.0 versions also has a maximum capacity of 228 hp and a maximum torque of 350 Nm.

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Meanwhile, VinFast sedan is not known as the Standard or Premium version used to test. Both versions of VinFast LUX A2.0 have RWD rear-wheel drive system but the 2.0L engine is fine-tuned with different power and output torque parameters. Version LUX A2.0 Standard with 174 horsepower and 300 Nm, LUX version A2.0 Premium has 228 horsepower and 350 Nm.

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Another positive comment of the group of experts on 2 VinFast models is "VinFast's 4-cylinder straight-line engine is more compact and retracted in a lot compared to the 6-cylinder type in line with typical BMW vehicles. This makes the car more flexible, responsive to the driver's actions. " Currently, two models of VinFast LUX A2.0 and LUX SA2.0 are still being tested and tested in both domestic and foreign markets. With the good results obtained, it is expected that these two models will be delivered to customers sooner than planned.

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Photo: VinFast


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