Resize EBS Volume for AWS EC2 Instance without restart

Resize EBS Volume for AWS EC2 Instance without restart

Resize EBS Volume for EC2 Instance without restart – | When you administer the server AWS EC2 Instance , there will be needs to expand the capacity for EBS Volume is being attached EC2 Instance. You must then resize the filesystem partition in the OS to gain a new amount of expansion. But is it possible to do that without restarting the OS.

Resize EBS Volume for EC2 Instance Linux

First check the hard drive capacity EBS Root Volume originally, with only 8 GB of space.

Now we proceed to increase the capacity EBS Volume This up.

  • You log in AWS Console > EC2 .
  • Choose EBS> EBS Volume you want to adjust the volume.

  • Increase the capacity you desire.

Now we check the information on the block device again EC2 Instance have EBS Volume has just been increased. You will see the main volume block device ebs is 30GB, but partition 1 has not been fully resized to 30GB.

Now you install the ‘growpart‘, Support resize partition for block device’ / dev / xvda ‘

+ CentOS / AmazonLinux

+ Ubuntu

Next, after you’ve determined the EBS Volume device block and the partition to be resized, for example, the default partition is 1.

Next, check the partition’s filesystem type. Refer : Top ways to determine the type of filesystem on Linux.

Now that you know the partition’s filesystem type, you’ll need to proceed with the final part, resizing the filesystem to accommodate the extended partition.

+ Filesystem xfs

+ Filesystem ext4 / ext3

Then double check the root volume volume in Linux OS.

Ta da, done then simply perform resize EBS Volume for EC2 Instance Linux without restarting AWS EC2 Instance is not it.


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