Resident Evil and other outstanding horror games – P.1

Resident Evil is clearly a standout of the horror game series, but in addition to Capcom’s products, there are still many other quality names.

The past time has witnessed Resident Evil return and storm with the 8th version called Am Binh Village (RE Village). However, for veteran gamers, there are still many impressive names in the horror genre no less than the RE version, but for different reasons they have to accept to step back to see RE more clearly.

Let’s take a look at these names and maybe you can find a new love for yourself, although not all of the games in this list are brand new.

Note that in the list below, I will ignore games that have been mentioned too much like the Silent Hil series, … and this list is based on Mo’s emotional evaluation.

Daymare 1998 (2019)

The survival horror game genre has always had a special appeal to the majority of gamers, so even a poor indie game like Daymare: 1998 also received a lot of praise, especially when the gameplay was its style eats distinctly of Resident Evil – especially it can be considered as a “poor monkey” copy from RE 2 Remake.

Due to the limited budget of the studio, dating from the Daymare: 1998 plot, gamers can see that the game follows a fairly familiar pattern, when a secret research station called Aegis suddenly arises events. suddenly, with mutant specimens escaped and began to slaughter the employees here. In an effort to survive, the lucky survivors sent a signal to headquarters to report the situation.

Resident Evil

But instead of sending special teams to rescue, all Aegis received was a group of mercenaries whose task was to recover the research products, as well as kill all survivors to save them. seal the clue. Some hardcore gamers may criticize Daymare: 1998 for its lack of creativity and copying a bit from its predecessors, but if you ignore this case, the game is worth a look at its friendly price.

However, because it’s just an indie game with a limited budget, we can’t expect Daymare: 1998 to be as epic as the blockbuster Resident Evil 2 Remake. Overall, Daymare: 1998 is a pretty good survival horror game, although the idea is not new, the way it is deployed and feels familiar from RE is commendable. If you are looking for something to change the wind, then Daymare: 1998 will definitely be a good choice.

Alien Isolation (2014)

Referring to one of the most classic games in the horror genre of the modern gaming industry, it is certainly impossible to ignore Alien: Isolation, which was released cross-platform in October 2014. This is a horror game. Survival developed based on the very famous movie franchise, putting players in a game of “cat and mouse” with Xenomorph – one of the scariest monsters in the gaming world.

Since its launch, Alien: Isolation has received many positive reviews from both the professional community and the gaming community. The positives of the game include well-constructed gameplay, a heavy focus on survival and stealth mechanics, putting the player in a more suffocating context when death is always around. Not to mention the excellence in sound design, which has helped bring fear and tension that Alien: Isolation brings to the extreme.

Resident Evil

However, what makes the second part of the game after 7 years still not visible is because the sales did not meet the expectations of the publisher SEGA. Back in 2015, it was reported that Alien: Isolation sold more than 2 million copies, a relatively impressive number for a horror game. However, for Sega, this figure is not convincing enough and is considered to be quite weak in sales, although this report helps increase the company’s software revenue by 41% in that fiscal year.

More sadly, in 2017, many former employees at Creative Assembly or at least those who made Alien: Isolation successful have left to find a new place. This means that even if Creative Assembly wanted to make Alien: Isolation 2, it would take a lot of time and risk with a whole new team of people. At that time, the game with the theme of space monsters that gamers used to love will most likely not be as “quality” as before.

Condemned: Criminal Origins (2005)

Content Condemned: Criminal Origins is not difficult to understand when it revolves around the main character Ethan Thomas, an FBI agent. During a serial murder investigation with the Match Maker suspect, Ethan not Winters had his gun stolen and used it to kill two teammates in his investigation team. When other colleagues arrived at the scene, Ethan was suspected and became the target of the authorities’ intense search. With the help of policewoman Rosa, Thomas tracks down the killer to discover that everything is just the beginning of what lies beyond.

Completely different from Resident Evil, Condemned: Criminal Origins is a horror game that takes on a spiritual theme and solves a case, at first the game is quite simple when it is just a story about crazy criminals, gore, and other criminals. A murder case with the main character being Inspector Ethan Thomas. What makes the game so scary is the way the villains are portrayed, as they are described as a bunch of mutant creatures, with twisted twisted faces accompanied by lingering bloody scars. on face.

In the second half of the game, players will learn of the existence of something called “The Hate” – the cause of the bloodthirsty madness in the city. The nature of Condemned: Criminal Origins is already extremely violent, because Ethan has no pity for the criminals. The end of the game also smells of death when Ethan and his friend Malcolm return, Ethan discovers Leland (the man behind the incidents in the city) is still alive and lying in the trunk of the car.

Regardless of whether the player has the option to kill or pardon Leland, his end is still extremely dire when the criminal takes a gun to his head and then commits suicide. The later part of the game becomes more and more heavy with illusions, the silhouettes of criminals appearing around Ethan, until the inspector turns his head towards the player to reveal half of his disfigured face when he has finished. occupied by The Hate. Anyone who has finished watching the ending in this game has a feeling of extreme fear, because it is hard to believe that it changes so quickly and unexpectedly.

ObsCure (2004)

If Daymare 1998 adheres to the traditional horror action style when asking gamers to solococo, then ObsCure is a noticeable improvement at the time of the game’s release (2004) when allowing players to co-op with friends if they feel like it. feel so… scared. Just remember how many times have you had to play horror games in a state of being alone? ObsCure will end that when allowing two people to fight on the legendary PS2 (something many survival horror series can hardly do until PS3 or XBOX 360 comes out).

Away from contexts that are used to the point of “boring” like the ancient Gothic mansions in Resident Evil or the castle from a distant time in the Haunting Ground. Obscure will take you to a very familiar and close to everyday context, especially school. Now, a horror game set in a school must be on the road, but in the early 2000s, this was still a fairly new setting.

In terms of gameplay, ObsCure allows gamers to use 2 out of 5 characters in turn (the 5th character is Kenny only unlocked when passing the second half of the game) and each character will bring unique abilities with pros and cons. different. In general, these 5 characters do not have too high a difference to force players to calculate headaches, nor do they impose too big of a strategy.

In general, Obscure has given players the feeling of playing a classic horror game in a saturated era when guns were used for inflation. Unfortunately for the failure of the ObsCure 2 version when accidentally leaving the school setting completely returned to a narrow linear scene game, completely abandoning the flashlight mode and changing the gameplay from survival towards The cheap shoot-to-kill action led to Hydravision’s bankruptcy not long after, and ObsCure 3 was never released.

Dino Crisis (1999)

If the player’s enemies in Resident Evil are bloodthirsty zombies full of horror, the dinosaurs in Dino Crisis, though less haunting, are equally dangerous. For those who do not know, besides the famous RE game series Capcom, there is another classic survival horror series that is Dino Crisis. Simply put, instead of shooting zombies, now the player’s enemies are dinosaurs of all sizes.

Resident Evil

Starting with the first Dino Crisis on PS1 in 1999, the game attracted a large fanbase with its puzzle-action gameplay perfectly inherited from its Resident Evil brother. Going to part 2, although the gameplay is now more in the direction of action adventure, the game still receives a lot of positive reviews. But like EA’s Dead Space 3, the series suddenly squeezed itself when introducing players to a setting that was too strange for players to hunt dinosaurs on the space station???

The same extremely confusing control mechanism in the Dino Crisis 3 version released in 2003 made the game receive many bad reviews. That’s why even though they were both created by talented NSX producer Shinji Mikami, while Resident Evil is still continuing to grow strongly with the 8th version called “Am Binh Village”, it seems that Capcom is not too salty in reviving the Dino Crisis brand.

Capcom has no shortage of games to revive, but which series will they choose next?

Basically, although Dino Crisis is not as widely known as its Resident Evil brother, it still has a certain number of fans, always looking forward to one day Capcom will give this series a new opportunity. It was once reported that Capcom was planning to make a Dino Crisis game but then canceled it. Of course, fans still have the right to hope for a miracle for this more than 20-year-old game series to revive again.


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