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Resident at the head of the Japanese income list: How does “Dragon Fantasy” succeed in the long run?

In the past June, “Dragon Fantasy” ushered in the first summer of the Japanese service. The biggest version update since the server was launched, the enthusiasm of players has continued to rise, and together they have pushed the game to the eighth place in the iOS bestseller list.

For many domestic game manufacturers who went to Japan, “Dragon Fantasy” has been in Japan for more than two months, showing the brand new possibilities of the game.

According to Sensor Tower’s Chinese mobile game revenue list, “Dragon Fantasy” became the 12th in the first month in the first month of service in April. Since then, the growth momentum has not diminished. After its income successfully entered the Japanese Top10 in May, it broke into the top ten of the iOS best-selling list in Japan many times in June, surpassing its performance in May from the number of listings and the highest ranking.

Compared with most of the mobile games that go abroad, after a wave of popularity, they will fall into the dilemma of exhaustion and exhaustion. “Dragon Fantasy” has a more stable foot in Japan, and it is expected to become a resident in this market known for its harsh players. Popular masterpiece.

The App Annie list also shows that “Dragon Fantasy” has established itself in the Japanese market.

In addition, compared with other products in the overseas income list, “Dragon Fantasy” is neither a big DAU category nor a SLG that domestic counterparts are good at; it has neither a large IP bonus effect nor the support of local partners. For a large number of manufacturers going overseas, the performance of the “Dragon Fantasy” Japanese service is particularly noteworthy.

Deeply localized game content and marketing methods

Both explosive and durable, the achievements of “Dragon Fantasy” are inseparable from its own quality and localization work combined with the preferences of Japanese players.

In the game, the visual style of “Dragon Fantasy” fits the aesthetics of young Japanese users. The character design with partial Japanese style, the setting based on the near future Tokyo, and the open world gameplay with high degree of freedom, reap the recognition of Japanese players. It also makes many users who have not been exposed to MMO interested. At every large event, the game will also be specially modified for all aspects of the Japanese market. For example, the interface UI will be more intuitive and streamlined than the national service, which is more in line with the overall operating habits of Japanese players.

In addition, the game also made a lot of customized innovations based on the preferences of Japanese players. For example, combining the gameplay of the game of the capsules that can be seen everywhere on the streets of Japan with the fashion props in the game. The distance between them and the game is close. At the same time, with the cooperation of free drawing and other activities, the reputation of free players for the game is also well protected.

A Japanese player commented on the App Store that “the first time I played MMORPG, I was very happy.” “The overall quality is very high, the story is very interesting, and the most interesting Chinese game I have played so far.”

The rave reviews also benefited from the promotion of the “grounding” marketing method of “Dragon Fantasy” to game recognition and player activity.

For example, the promo film made by well-known artist Shiraishi Mai for the game of home has been sought after by fans on Youtube, and the broadcast volume has exceeded 140,000. If shooting a promotional video is just a routine operation, it will test the vision and production level of the person selected. How to use the promotional video really shows the true chapter of operation.

Before and after the broadcast, the propaganda film unexpectedly brought a whimsical atmosphere known as “Japanese cross talk”. In the variety show “Nogizaka 46 Time”, after a series of foresights and hints, the audience gradually had a certain hunch that a promo film will be broadcast in the future. Through the needle-like introduction of money like a slapstick, the audience’s conjectures and expectations are constantly Warm up.

Therefore, when the promotional video of Shiraishi Mai finally appeared in the picture, the satisfaction of the audience and the sudden enlightenment of the audience without guessing were undoubtedly stronger and the impression of the promotional film was more profound. At the same time, in the dialogue card activity opened for the promotional video on Twitter, players have left comments such as “Although (the program of the day) does not have Shiraishi Mai, but remembered her VCR at once” and other comments, bringing the topic Top 5 on Twitter.

The addition of home gameplay also brings a new “life” atmosphere to this highly free game. Although Japanese “late marriage” and “unmarried” dominance prevails, love and marriage have always been topics of great interest to the Japanese people, spawning a large number of popular works. In a series of live broadcasts introducing homeland gameplay, the couple Up host こなこチャンネル had a marriage talk in front of the majority of fans, and the trial marriage experience in the game was as large as “one house built where to build”, as small as “tea table away” The “how far is the sofa” marriage routine conveys the impression of “Dragon Fantasy” as a game that can connect feelings and deepen feelings in a relaxed and witty atmosphere.

In addition, for the birthday of one of the protagonists of the game, Chu Zihang (June 1st), “Dragon Fantasy” specially prepared a week-long birthday celebration. From May 25 to May 31, players can go to the customized event page to unlock exquisite birthday cakes with other players.

In the form of highly interactive and participatory activities, every time a player submits a tag such as #ドラブラ, they are one step closer to unlocking the cake and the corresponding reward items. Among them, the phone number received after unlocking the third layer can also be dialed in reality, and the blessing information recorded by the well-known voice actors Jiangkou Tuo can also be heard.

Satisfying Japanese players’ “symbiosis” gaming experience

From a marketing perspective, the strategy of “Dragon Fantasy” is cleverly rooted in precise user insights. As one of the world’s most valuable user groups, Japanese players attach great importance to content, but for game publishers and developers, this means a higher content creation load and wants to maintain the satisfaction of players’ demands Sustainable content output can only be “smart”.

“Dragon Fantasy” through high-freedom gameplay, with limited resources to create unlimited content, so that players can also enjoy “second life” in the game while fighting. Japanese media Gamebiz commented that facing Japanese users who are more inclined to “symbiosis (living together in the game)” gameplay, “Dragon Fantasy” meets the demands of Japanese players by focusing on the virtual space to create a free living atmosphere.

Outside of the game, most of the activities initiated by Dragon Fantasy are intriguing interactions, which stimulate the emergence of UGC content, such as online video recording and sharing of daily life ドラブラRecorder, fan painting competitions, large-scale co-creation activities “はじめ祭” “Wait for the rapid prototyping of game ecology and promote long-term popularity. The enthusiastic feedback from players on the game and the enthusiasm of UGC creation far exceeding the expectations of the operation team prove that the strategy of “Dragon Fantasy” is very popular with Japanese players.

In the ドラブラRecorder event, 50 players will share Amazon gift coupons, in-game props and other generous rewards

Compared with Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States, Japan is a typical “dissuasion” market. Users have high recognition of local IP and large IP products. Deep localization has become the key to gaining a competitive advantage in the Japanese market.

Compared with other domestic games, “Dragon Fantasy” became popular in Japan. It not only broke the curse of the “island” in the Japanese market with non-native IP, as an MMO, it also promoted the Japanese player’s largest local RPG category. The aesthetic upgrades are even the MMO “Enlightenment” of many Japanese players.


For domestic manufacturers, the reason why the Japanese market is important, in addition to the size of its top 3 in the world, the more important reason is that not only do Japanese players pay much higher than the world average, but their loyalty is also in the forefront of the world. Staying in this unique market often means long-term success. “Dragon Fantasy” has been hot for more than two months, which is a good example.

Without the help of local partners, the success of “Dragon Fantasy” also means that Tencent has qualitatively improved its long-term global distribution and operation capabilities. In addition to self-published games, it can help more domestic mobile games go overseas.” Faster and farther.”

At the just-closed Tencent Game Annual Conference, Ma Xiaoyi, senior vice president of Tencent, stated that he would do a good job in the “new infrastructure” of the game industry in the future, one of which is to build a global collaboration system to provide players with cross-regional , Cross-terminal, cross-category “new products of the season”.

From this point of view, the success of “Dragon Fantasy” in Japan will also promote the communication and exchange of Chinese and foreign gamers and friends in all aspects of gameplay and fun, and help the Chinese game industry find greater possibilities.


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