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Resentment turned into a terrifying horror! “Nioh 2” BOSS “OSS” thriller debut

The official Weibo cool cool game official Weibo post today introduced the “King of Kings 2“Boss” in the book. Take a look.

Ranger Network

The following is the original Weibo:

In order to escape the pursuit of the enemy and the monster, the protagonist and Anonymous walked into a deserted village. The huge beam-like skeleton in the village is scary and weird. In the distance of the deserted village, the uncle showed its terrible face. At the moment, only by defeating this strange bird can we open a way of life …

祟 枭 (Japanese た た り も っ け) is a monster formed by a large number of dead spirits, which looks like an owl. In the folklore of the Tohoku region of Japan, the tragic death of grieving spirits is called た た り も っ け. There are also legends that the dead spirit of a baby is attached to an owl as a tadpole, so the owl’s cry is also considered to be the cry of the dead baby.

Game screenshot:

Ranger Network

Ranger Network

Ranger Network

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