Research shows that Dota 2, CSGO are the most toxic online gaming communities

Most gaming communities are toxic in a certain direction, but where is the most toxic place? According to statistics from the latest research shows Dota 2 is the worst gaming community. Or at least top in the “swearing” segment.

Online Gambling researches by surveying the largest Reddit community of many outstanding games and finding out the number of times users swear. The list of research games includes many competing online games like StarCraft and Call of Duty, as well as co-op games like Minecraft.

The study looked specifically at interactions on Reddit, not in game chats. But due to Reddit’s operating policy, the study found no discriminatory or discriminatory languages.

CSGO is not inferior either, and these two games stand out among the games. Other competitive multiplayer games like CoD and Overwatch also have high swear words.

amount of CSGO players

Surprisingly, the mildest game in the research was Diablo. In 102 posts, only 25 swear words were found in this community group. This figure is very low compared to other games, with FIFA reaching 133 and Call of Duty of 82.

Why is the Dota 2 community so toxic?

Those who have played Dota 2 a few games may have encountered some toxic situations. This is a difficult problem that Valve has not found a practical solution.

There are many reasons for this, besides the common problems that every other online game often encounter.

Dota 2 is not geographically limited in finding game play. Outside of China, players are free to search for games anywhere. This helps gamers often have to play with people who do not speak the same language, leading to difficulties in communication.

To make matters worse, Valve doesn’t fully control the game. Dota 2 has an automated penalty system, which allows you to ‘report’ other players. And when receiving too many reports in a short time, that person will be banned from communicating or pushed down to play with other punished players. While this may result in a permanently locked account, many people continue to show hostility in the game for personal reasons.

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