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Republican MPs urged Mrs. Pelosi to remove the fence surrounding the Capitol


More than 40 Republicans in the House of Representatives sent a letter to President Nancy Pelosi Friday (February 5) proposing to remove the fence surrounding the Capitol.

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According to The Hill, Republican Rep. Ted Budd (North Carolina) and his 41 Republican colleagues sent letters protesting against proposals to establish a permanent military barrier around the Capitol.

This fence was erected around the Capitol following the January 6 chaos.

“We write letters expressing concerns about the security measures and strengthening barriers surrounding the US Capitol even though major events such as the inauguration are over,” the congressmen wrote in the letter. “In particular, we are concerned about some recent news that the wall surrounding the Capitol might be permanently established.”

“We are ready to have an honest debate about giving the Capitol Police the resources they need to better prepare themselves. [cho an ninh] without turning the Capitol into a permanent fortress. “

The letter further urged the “barbed wire fence” to be lifted and the National Guard army returned to “their families.”

Rep. Andy Biggs (Arizona), Rep. Jim Bank (Indiana) and Rep. Jody Hice (Georgia) were among the lawmakers who joined Congressman Budd’s protest efforts.

Other members of parliament made similar petitions, with some even asking for the fence to be removed immediately.

Last month, the Capitol’s Acting Chief of Sheriff Yogananda Pittman called for the construction of a barrier around the Capitol to prevent further violence. However, bipartisan lawmakers said they are worried about the permanent barrier being established around the Capitol, dubbed the “House of the People.”

“Let us be clear. The event that happened on January 6 was horrible. Understandable by implementing some extra security measure after that date. But it’s about time Congress and its members stop hiding. ”

“The Capitol of the United States is a symbol of freedom both at home and abroad. This is a place where Americans from all walks of life can visit, learn, and witness American history. Sadly, for security reasons this place is no longer like that, becoming like a fortress. ”

The letter also wrote: “On top of the National Assembly building is the Statue of Liberty. Like the Statue of Liberty in New York City, this statue represents why so many people from all over the world come to America. They start again, free from tyranny and oppression, not subject to political and religious persecution, and live in freedom and peace. The current status of the Capitol Complex has fundamentally undermined that message, and we call for this to be ended. “

New security measures around the Capitol neighborhood were implemented following the January 6 chaos, including the installation of more physical obstacles (such as fences) and dozens of deployments. thousand soldiers of the National Guard to defend the inauguration on January 20.

About 7,000 National Guard soldiers are still in Washington, DC to ensure safety while the Senate conducts impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump on February 8.

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