Representatives from 7 Taiwan Business Vocational Schools

(Miri 20th) 11 delegations from 7 business and vocational schools in Taiwan, under the arrangement of the Sarawak Residents’ Association of Taiwan in Miri, will launch an education promotion and briefing session in Miri today. They visited Miri Chinese School and St. Joseph’s Middle School respectively. In addition to providing education and explanations to students, they will also give lectures at the Miri Stay Taiwan Club tonight. The 7 Taiwan Vocational and Technical Vocational Schools are Taoyuan Chenggong Business (Information and Food Management), Nantou County Tongde Home Business (Automotive and Food), Yunlin County Dacheng Business (Food Management), and Kaohsiung Zhongshan Industry and Commerce (Electronics and Information), Kaohsiung Sanxin Home Business (Catering Management, Tourism and Beauty Department), Kaohsiung Shude Home Business (Beauty and Food Management Materials), and Tainan Liuxin High School (Catering Management, Information and Fashion Modeling). Huang Hanqiang, chairman of Miri’s stay in Taiwan, said that even if the students’ academic performance is not satisfactory, or if they are from a cold family, as long as they have the intention not to give up, there may not be a way out for the road to success. He stated this when he was speaking at an education briefing and briefing by 7 delegations from the Taiwan Business Vocational School in the Multipurpose Hall of Miri Chinese High School this morning. He pointed out that the 3 plus 4 overseas Chinese technical vocational class provided by the Taiwan Overseas Chinese Council is to open up a new educational path for junior high school students or drop-out students from Qinghan families. Completion of relevant courses can obtain a bachelor’s degree and break out of another A sky. He also emphasized that the technical and professional courses for overseas Chinese students are mainly to provide a technical learning course for students who have poor academic performance in school but have potential in skills and crafts learning. He said that all students who have reached the age of 16 or above and graduated from junior high school can go to Taiwan to study part-time and 3 + 4 technical and professional courses for overseas Chinese students. If they have completed 3 years of academic performance, they can continue to 4 College course of the year. Huang Hanqiang pointed out that students do not have to look for professional occupations after completing their studies to get out of the society, such as doctors and lawyers. As long as the students can study hard and master a technical skill, they can travel all over the world. On the other hand, Fan Yongzheng, a representative of the Overseas Chinese Students Technical Admissions Advocacy Mission, said that during the three-year high school education, students will take classes in the school for three months, and then go to the cooperative factory for three months for internship, and repeat this pattern. After studying for 3 years, they can graduate from the Taiwanese high school technical vocational class, and students can also receive factory salary during the internship. He emphasized that under the Taiwanese minimum wage, students are internships in factories and they can get a salary of NT $ 23,800 per month. He said that the courses of the 3 plus 4 overseas Chinese technical vocational classes were subsidized by the Taiwan Overseas Chinese Council, and the tuition fees were low. The internship subsidy was sufficient to cover tuition and living expenses. The 3 plus 4 vocational and technical class for overseas Chinese students refers to a three-year high school education, which is completed part-time and part-time. After graduation, he enters a university of science and technology for a 4-year course.

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