Report: The CCP spread fake news when Wuhan pneumonia broke out

Report: The CCP spread fake news when Wuhan pneumonia broke out

According to a research report by the “Atlantic Council” (Atlantic Council), the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) capitalizes on its increasing influence on Western social media platforms, during an outbreak COVID-19 repeatedly fabricated and distributed fake news. Their behavior even surpassed Russia, becoming the largest source of fake news in the world.

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AP news agency The US on February 15, announced a 9-month investigation report between this news agency and the Digital Forensic Research Lab of the consulting organization “Atlantic Council” ( Atlantic Council) in the US. The report analyzes more than 1 million articles and related information on Twitter, Facebook, Vkontakte (famous social network in Russia), Weibo, YouTube, Telegram and other social networking platforms. The results found that countries including China, Russia and Iran are trying to control public opinion about where the viral pandemic originated. Their approach is through distrusting public opinion and exaggerating political conspiracy theories.

In addition, there are many investigations showing that information related to Wuhan pneumonia as an artificial biochemical weapon, was circulated on the internet in China at the earliest, and it is widely spread among the people. starting from March 2020. The AP news agency has summarized 6 main points about the fake news everywhere in China during the epidemic.

  1. From 2016 up to now, the Western world has widely assumed that Russia is the largest distributor of fake news globally. However, after the outbreak of Wuhan pneumonia, this “top” position was replaced by China. The Chinese government continues to spread various types of conspiracy theories about the origin of the virus.
  2. The CCP’s online army (public opinion, five mao) massively floods social media platforms outside of China. From mid-2019 until now, the number of Chinese diplomatic accounts on Twitter has increased more than 3 times, the number of accounts on the social network Facebook has also increased more than 2 times. The Chinese government has used a variety of languages ​​to spread untrue news on internet platforms.
  3. In March 2020, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Trieu Lap Kien consecutively posted 11 tweets on Twitter, alleged content “The US military created the virus and also brought the virus to Wuhan”, Related fake news has been quoted more than 990,000 times in at least 54 different languages.
  4. During the pandemic, the CCP modeled the fake Russian news strategy and structure through Western propaganda to spread the word. China, Russia, and Iran have also coordinated to strengthen propaganda of fake news, including cross-quoted, reporting and sourcing information to increase the credibility of rumors.
  5. In the first half of 2020, there were millions of interactive tweets related to Wuhan pneumonia, all linked to 829 accounts from China, Russia and Iran. More, accounts of the CCP state media and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs were also involved in it.
  6. China’s Foreign Ministry most frequently denied foreign accusations of spreading fake news and creating rumors of Wuhan pneumonia. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs even accused foreign forces of trying to politicize the epidemic. According to a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China that the AP obtained, the Chinese authorities said, “Everyone should steadfastly refuse to distribute fake news”, at the same time emphasized “When faced with fake news, presenting the truth, objecting and clarifying are all legitimate behavior”.

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