Report on Julie Payette Senator Claude Carignan files a complaint

Report on Julie Payette Senator Claude Carignan files a complaint

Conservative Senator Claude Carignan announced on Monday the filing of a complaint related to the investigation report on labor relations at the office of former Governor General Julie Payette, which had been published only in English in January latest.

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Dated January 12, the 132-page report was produced by Quintet Consultinng Corporation at the request of the Privy Council Office, which reports to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

However, the fact that the report was made available only in English contravenes the Official Languages ​​Act, believes Senator Carignan, who finds it “worrying” to note that the law is flouted even at the top of the Liberal government hierarchy.


“This is the third time since 2015 that I have filed a complaint with the Commissioner of Official Languages ​​for a breach of the Official Languages ​​Act. This government is announcing that it is concerned about respect for official languages, but clearly, its actions do not show real sincerity in this regard, ”said Carignan in a press release.

“Obviously, with this government, French is unfortunately on the decline on Parliament Hill,” he added.

The eagerly awaited report noted a “toxic” work climate that reigned in the Governor General’s office. The latter had been forced to resign in the wake of these revelations.


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