Mr Biden ordered the closure of federally run private prisons

Report: Mr. Joe Biden nominated a replacement for more than 20 federal judges to resign

The nation’s shift to the left under President Joe Biden is happening at breakneck speed, and the impact of his left-wing policies is not limited to the executive but even widespread. out to federal agencies. Mr. Biden’s impact could affect the federal courts of the country as well.

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24 current senior judges can resign to make room for others, while still receiving salaries and reducing the number of cases, including 3 District Court judges in California Bay Area: Phyllis Hamilton , the district chief justice, and William Alsup – both appointed by Clinton – and Jeffrey White, appointed by Republican President George W. Bush.

If you include judges who took up senior positions or retired before the 2020 election, more than 70 vacant positions are waiting for Mr. Biden to consider, most of them in district court courts. .

In 2017, when Donald Trump was selected to replace Barack Obama at the White House, 16 of the 25 federal judges in senior office were Republicans appointed. In 2009, after Obama succeeded Mr. Bush, 14 out of 26 senior positions were appointed by Democratic presidents.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that a judge declared his decision had nothing to do with partisan politics. Reporter Bob Egelko wrote the following:

“But it seems no coincidence that of the 24 federal judges who have taken on a senior position or announced their intention to do so since election day, 17 are appointed by the Democrat presidents. master. Most of them qualified for the senior position in Donald Trump’s presidency but chose to wait. “

The Chronicle described some of the judges as follows:

“Dan Polster is a federal judge in Ohio since 1998, he was nominated by President Bill Clinton and this has been confirmed by the Senate. He presides over more than 2,700 local government and tribal lawsuits accusing pharmaceutical companies of contributing to drug abuse in distributing their opioid painkillers. He has received praise from both the Ohio senators, the Republican Rob Portman and the Democrat Sherrod Brown. Now Polster, 69, is one of more than 20 dozen federal judges holding the “senior” position, thereby allowing them to reduce the number of cases while creating vacant positions for the President. Joe Biden filled up. Those who have spoken out publicly have denied any partisan motives – understandable, since they still hold a court position – but Polster alluded to the need for the judiciary to do so. show strength in times of turmoil. “

“I’ve always been proud to be a judge, but never more so in the past year, when our branch became a huge success – it doesn’t matter who appoints you, the Democrat or the Republican – under one the amount of real pressure on our democracy, ” Mr. Polser said.

“As an undisclosed judge of the Ninth Circuit said in the Los Angeles Times after the November 2020 election that the judges were nominated by Clinton. National election helps hold the position of a Democratic president who may appoint their successor. “

Carlos Lucero, who was appointed by Clinton in 1995 to the 10th Court of Appeal in Denver, and authored the ruling to revoke the ban on same-sex marriage in Utah in 2014, a year before the Supreme Court brought make the same ruling nationwide.

“Looks like the right time to take the senior position,” Lucero, who has been eligible since 2008, said in an email.

Some of the news from the senior judges seems to be related to Mr. Biden’s victory:

“Congratulations on becoming our new president,” Alsup, who lives in San Francisco, said in a letter dated Jan. 21.

Alsup, 75, appointed by Clinton in 1999, qualified to hold the senior position since 2013, said: “I feel it’s time for me to ‘climb to the top.'”

“Alsup has written a number of notable rulings, including one in 2018, which prevented Mr. Trump from canceling the DACA Act (Deferred Decision for Children Entering the US), which he Obama created to allow undocumented young immigrants to work in the US, ” according to the Chronicle.

However, Judge White said his decision was based on family factors, not related to political issues.

White, 75, said in an interview: “I have been working with high intensity for decades. I feel like it’s time for me to cut some time, enjoy life with family. ”

“I can’t speak for someone else,” Mr. White said, adding that he will continue to work. “What I did has nothing to do with politics.”

But one expert has found a clear link to the voting.

“In this election, there are more judges waiting for it to happen than I have seen in the past 40 years, because things have become so polarized,” Jeremy Fogel, a former federal judge in San Francisco and now executive director of the Berkeley Institute of Justice at UC Berkeley Law School, said.

Mr. Trump has appointed 54 appellate court judges in four years, less than one for Obama’s eight years, including 10 judges to the 9th Federal Court of Appeals in the liberal tradition.

The Chronicle reported: “Trump’s choices also mostly revolve around three other courts, the second one in New York, the third one in Philadelphia and the 11th one in Atlanta, from Democrats to the Communist party. tie. Those changes could be reversed if some senior justices remain in court alongside those appointed by Mr. Joe Biden, confirmed by the Democratic-controlled Senate. “

According to Breitbart,

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