Sforum - The latest technology information page 13inchmacbookprokeyboard Report: Apple will equip a new keyboard for MacBook Air 2019 and Macbook Pro 2020

Report: Apple will equip a new keyboard for MacBook Air 2019 and Macbook Pro 2020

In a recent report, famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple will remove its scandalous butterfly-wing keyboard on the future MacBook, starting with the MacBook Air 2019.

Specifically, Kuo said that Apple will use the new keyboard based on the scissor switch design on the generation of MacBook Air 2019, giving better typing feel and durability than the current butterfly wing keyboard.

Besides, Kuo believes that this new scissor keyboard will also be used on the MacBook Pro 2020:

“I believe that the new generation MacBook Pro models will also have a scissor keyboard in 2020. Although the butterfly-wing keyboard is still thinner than the new scissor keyboard, I think most users can't accept it. make the difference. Moreover, the new keyboard can bring a better user experience and cheaper production costs. Therefore, I predict that the butterfly keyboard may disappear in the next few years. ”

It is known that Apple's butterfly keyboard generation has caused many frustrations for users when constantly failing. After years of complaints from customers and some class action lawsuits, Apple has released a free keyboard repair chapter for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 MacBook models.

Last year, Apple continued to launch the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2018 using a third-generation butterfly keyboard with a few improvements over the previous generation. Accordingly, the third-generation butterfly keyboard has a thin layer of silicon behind each key, to limit the ingress of dirt and lead to key damage. However, in the end, the MacBook Pro 2018 is still susceptible to keyboard problems.

Sforum - Latest technology information page 13inchmacbookprokeyboard-1 Report: Apple will equip a new keyboard for MacBook Air 2019 and Macbook Pro 2020

Returning to Kuo's report today, he also said that the new scissor keyboard on the MacBook Air 2019 will be provided by the manufacturer of professional notebook keyboard Sunrex and not Wistron, the company now. is producing butterfly keyboards for Apple. This analyst hopes the new Sunrex keyboard will be mass-produced by 2020.

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