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Report: Apple Watch with MicroLED screen can be launched in 2020

According to a new report, Apple is said to be negotiating with Taiwan screen manufacturers to use microLED screens on the next generation Apple Watch.

Specifically, citing sources of information about Apple's supply chain, China's Daily Daily News said "Apples Apples" could use MicroLED panels on the Apple Watch generation launched in 2020 to replace Current OLED screen produced by LG Display.

Reportedly, MicroLED panels use different glowing compounds compared to current OLED screens used in Apple Watch and will help make future devices thinner, brighter and consume less power. than.

It is known that this is not the first time we have heard about Apple will integrate MicroLED screens for its products. Earlier, a rumor originating from DigiTimes revealed similar information when Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing company (TSMC) will start producing MicroLED displays for the Apple Watch later this year.

Meanwhile, the Bloomberg report offers a slightly different timeline for the application of MicroLED panels from Apple, and believes that this screen technology will appear in Apple Watch sooner next year.

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