Rep. Reschenthaler: Mr. Trump should be awarded at least one Nobel Peace Prize

Rep. Reschenthaler: Mr. Trump should be awarded at least one Nobel Peace Prize

Republican Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (Pennsylvania) in an interview with the newspaper Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Thursday (Feb. 4, US time) said that former President Donald Trump should have received at least one Nobel Peace Prize if he wasn’t a Republican.

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I think history would value his legacy as useful, and I think his influence is here“Rep. Reschenthaler said. “UMBRELLAWould have been awarded at least one Nobel Peace Prize if he wasn’t a Republican – I really believe it“.

In 2020, Mr. Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize at least four times, for having acted as a successful mediator for the normalization of diplomatic relations between the Jewish state of Israel and many Arab Muslim countries. Arabic.

Most recently, on February 1, Mr. Trump continued to receive a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize nomination. This time the person who nominated him was Mr. Jaak Madison – a member of the European Parliament from Estonia.

>> Mr. Trump continues to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Rep. Reschenthaler also praised Mr. Trump’s achievements in his four years as US president, including disruptive economic growth, defending religious freedom, and confronting Trump. Communist Party of China. Mr. Reschenthaler compared Trump’s foreign policy with former President Theodore Roosevelt’s diplomacy and likened Trump’s war-avoidance pledges to similar pledges of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Rep. Reschenthaler said he did not believe President Trump instigated the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6. The House of Representatives voted to pass the impeachment clause of Mr. Trump “inciting insurrection.” The second Senate impeachment trial is scheduled to start from Tuesday (February 9, US time).

Rep. Reschenthaler was among the few Republican lawmakers who dared to defend Trump after January 6 at the Capitol.

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz (Florida), former Trump’s direct ally, said on February 3 that he would be willing to give up his seat in the House of Representatives to qualify for Trump’s defense. at the impeachment trial in the Senate, if you are invited.

I love my district … but I see canceling Mr. Trump’s presidency and canceling the Trump movement as one of the great risks to the people, both in my district and across the great country. this”Mr. Gaetz said. “If the president calls me and wants me to defend him in the Senate, then it will be the top priority of my life.“.

I’m leaving my House of Representatives, I’m leaving my home”Mr. Gaetz assured.

Meanwhile, Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Georgia) said on February 5 that the future of the Republican Party still belongs to former President Donald Trump.

In his speech to the press at the Capitol on Feb. 5, Rep. Greene defended Mr. Trump and said Republicans have largely supported him so far. She asserted that the Republican Party still belonged to Mr. Trump.

He as a president did not put too much emphasis on your skin color because God created us all equally“Greene told reporters.” “He is a president who wants everyone to achieve and that is why we support him. That is why I have always supported him and I want to tell you that the Republican voters still support him. This party is his party – it does not belong to anybody else“.

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