Rep. Greene: Republicans still belong to Mr. Trump

Rep. Greene: Republicans still belong to Mr. Trump

During a press conference on Friday (February 5, US time), Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Georgia) said that the Republican future still belongs to former President Donald Trump.

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In his speech to the press at the Capitol on Feb. 5, Rep. Greene defended Mr. Trump and said Republicans have largely supported him so far. She asserted that the Republican Party still belonged to Mr. Trump.

He as a president did not put too much emphasis on your skin color because God created us all equally“Greene told reporters.” “He is a president who wants everyone to achieve and that is why we support him. That is why I have always supported him and I want to tell you that the Republican voters still support him. This party is his party – it does not belong to anybody else“.

Greene emphasized that there was a record number of Americans voted for Trump in the last general election, including the record number of Republicans.

You want to know why? The reason is because they love his policies. They love his fighting spirit“Mrs. Greene said. “They love the fact that we had a president who defended America, defended American business, a president who remembers once-forgotten men.“.

The above comments by Congressman Greene about Trump come at a time when the former president will face his second impeachment trial in the Senate next week, starting Tuesday (Feb. 9, US time). ).

The impeachment managers on behalf of the Democrats in the House sent a letter demanding that Mr. Trump testify directly in the Senate. But his legal team said the 45th US President would not testify because the impeachment trial was unconstitutional. Republicans and some Democrats on Feb. 4 also said they did not want Trump to testify in the upcoming impeachment trial.

Greene’s remarks also came a day after the Republican congressman was voted out of the two committees by the Democratic House of Representatives for her past statements and actions.

The resolution to remove Ms. Greene was passed by the House of Representatives with 230 votes in favor and 199 against. The three lawmakers did not vote. 11 Republicans joined Democrats to remove Greene from the two House committees she is assigned to, the Budget Committee and the Education & Labor Committee.

Speaking to the press on February 5, Ms. Greene said she was happy to be excluded from the two committees and stressed that with the majority Democrats, working on these two committees is only “wasted my time“.

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