Renault Trezor: The most impressive Concept model in the world

Renault Trezor: The most impressive Concept model in the world

With continuously receiving awards for vehicle design, Renault Trezor is currently the most beautiful concept car in the world continuously in the period of 2016 – 2018.

Renault Trezor – Design “ravishingly beautiful”

As early as 2016, the launch of the Renault Trezor has been compared to the car of the future by the 2-door design and the roof – fully lifted when opening the door. The bodywork is completely covered with Carbon fiber with Nano technology to increase the body durability and bearing capacity to the maximum. Another special feature in the design of the Renault Trezor is the “absence” of the traditional grille. Instead, the micro vents at the front of the car act as a cooling system for the brakes on the car.

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Each design line on the body of the Renault Trezor car brings a different feeling. Instead of using the traditional edges and edges, the Renault Trezor is shaped and block with a design language that is innovative but eye-catching, unique but still harmonious. Therefore, Renault Trezor is highly appreciated for aesthetics and recognition.

Renault Trezor – The crystallization of the most modern technologies in the car industry

Not only design, Renault Trezor also brings technologies that deserve to be called “super products”. On this small car, experts have integrated self-driving technology, OLED technology, 2 battery packs, self-charging brakes, giant screen in the taplo center … Thanks to the diversity of this technology. , Renault Trezor is expected to make a breakthrough for future car production technology.

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Currently, the manufacturer has not announced the time to put into production officially the Renault Trezor model. But car lovers, especially electric cars with self-driving technology can still look forward to the arrival of the “entity” of the Renault Trezor in the next few years.

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