Removing the masking order but the epidemic in Texas plummeted, perplexed Dr. Fauci

Removing the masking order but the epidemic in Texas plummeted, perplexed Dr. Fauci

According to the New York Post, Dr. Anthony Fauci, US President Biden’s medical advisor, was recently asked by reporters: “Why didn’t the epidemic escalate after the lifting of the masking order in Texas, but the cases fell sharply?” Mr. Fauci was confused: “I don’t know why!”

US President Medical Advisor, virologist Fauci (Source: Tia Dufour / White House)

In early March, Texas Governor Greg Abbott lifted the ban on wearing the mask. Accordingly, individuals or groups of people in this state can decide for themselves whether they need to wear masks to prevent disease or not. By that time, the number of confirmed daily infections in Texas had exceeded 7,000.

The Texas Governor’s lifting of the ban on wearing masks is in stark contrast to President Biden’s mandatory 100-day masking order. The governor seems to be doing the opposite on purpose. At that time, the Governor of Texas was strongly attacked by Mr. Biden. Mr. Biden said that the lifting of the mandatory mask was simply “The way of thinking of the prehistoric people”.

After Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, announced the lifting of the mask in March, he was strongly attacked by President Biden (Image: Wikimedia)

So far 5 weeks have passed. According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are less than 4,000 new cases of Covid-19 infection in Texas each day. Hospital admissions and the number of people in special care (ICU) have not exploded as some politicians or experts have expected. In contrast, the number of cases has fallen sharply, hitting Biden’s criticism directly.

Since the outbreak of Wuhan pneumonia, Dr. Fauci, as the president’s medical adviser, also emphasized that people must wear masks to prevent the epidemic. Earlier this year, he also recommended: “Wearing two masks can prevent disease and be safer.”

But last week, when an MSNBC reporter asked Mr. Fauci: “After the state of Texas lifted the mandate to wear masks, the number of diagnoses not only did not escalate, but also plummeted. The reason is where? ”. At that moment Mr. Fauci, confused, said: “I don’t know why. Maybe they’re working outdoors. ”

The first sentence in Mr. Fauci’s answer “I don’t know why” that right. Because outbreaks and declines in the United States are not something experts like Mr. Fauci can control. But the following sentence “Maybe they’re working outdoors”, sounding forced and over tangerines.

After the Governor of Texas lifted the order to wear masks, he did not require people to work and work outdoors. Like in other states, most people work and live in the home.

Texas is the state with the second largest area and population in the United States. After the governor lifted the mandate to wear masks, the epidemic plummeted. This is beyond Dr. Fauci’s scientific understanding.

Why did the Governor of Texas lift the mandatory masking order? Because he respects the people’s decisions, demonstrates the spirit of freedom and democracy in Texas. This action directly mocked politicians and virologists holding large anti-epidemic sticks high in order to limit people’s activities. Also demonstrates the uncertainty of the job “Wearing a mask can prevent disease.”

According to the latest CDC data, in the past 7 days, the 3 states with the most serious disease situation in the United States were Michigan with 551.8 new cases per 100,000 people; Minnesota had 261.4 cases and Pennsylvania had 253.1.

These states all ordered strict masking and social isolation, and the commercial shops there were basically all closed.

As early as March, the state of Texas was completely opened and removed the mandatory masking order, but the number of infections in the state in the past 7 days was only 77.8 cases per 100,000 people.

Foot Direction, Vision Times

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