Removed your YouTube channel, you most likely violated these guidelines

Removed your YouTube channel, you most likely violated these guidelines

Quite a few cases of a user’s Youtube channel were deleted by Google because of violation of community guidelines and filling in the service amount of the platform without them knowing. If you are also one of them, please refer to the following article by ElectrodealPro.

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Do you know why your YouTube channel was deleted or removed? In what cases will the channel be removed or the account removed?

How to make a youtube video

The reason for deleting the Youtube channel

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Cause the YouTube channel was deleted

YouTube builds its own community guidelines and policies on the platform, and users must adhere to these guidelines. In the event that the community guidelines and terms of service are violated multiple times, your YouTube channel may be terminated, removed and permanently deleted.

You can violate any of these music videos on youtube channel


– Spam or post videos containing adult content, unhealthy, inappropriate or violent content, ….
– YouTube channels that use video spam, comment spam or view boosting tools will be deleted.
Channel using title, tags and thumb images incorrectly in video content and received multiple warnings.
– In addition, other causes of your YouTube channel being deleted may be that you are using third-party copyrighted content and have been warned many times but did not remove the video.

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Here are some guidelines that you need to follow to avoid deleting your YouTube channel. Also, readers can refer to some existing articles on ElectrodealPro to know how to create Chanel Youtube.

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