Remove viruses with Norton AntiVirus

Remove viruses with Norton AntiVirus

One of the top anti-virus software currently on the top of effective anti-virus is Norton AntiVirus. Do you really understand this wonderful software yet? Norton AntiVirus relies on a powerful scanning system that continuously updates the latest viruses and applies real-time protection, helping to protect your computer and system from viruses, malware, and other malicious software. secure internet access.

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Norton AntiVirus is an anti-virus software that effectively protects your computer system alongside many other software such as Avast, Avira or AVG. Users can depend on their computer configuration as well as their budget to choose the most suitable software for themselves.

In the previous article, we have guided you through the synthesis how to use nortonAnd in this article, join us to learn more about how to remove viruses and spyware by Norton AntiVirus.

Norton virus diet

Instructions to remove viruses by Norton AntiVirus

Step 1: Download anti-virus software Norton AntiVirus here: Download Norton AntiVirus.

Step 2 : Install software.

Step 3: Start Norton AntiVirus up, with the interface as shown below:

diet virus with norton state

Step 4: Carry out a virus scan of the drive. To scan, on the interface we select the item Scan Now:

On this interface we see scan types such as quick scan, system scan, scan option.

So to proceed with the drive scan part Custom Scan. In the table Scans This we have 1 list of items to choose from including system scan, quick scan, Driver scan, forder scan, file scan (file)

Select section Forder Scan -> Press Tremor -> displays a directory selection table or drive system itself:

After selecting the drive, press OK to scan the selected drive (or forder):

Wait until the process is completed, the time depends on the size and number of drives (folders) selected:

This table will statistics and report the progress Scan -> Press finish to finish.
Norton AntiVirus antivirus software promises to be the perfect solution for every computer with powerful anti-virus capabilities by providing top-of-the-line protection against all types of infections, but still consuming very little. hardware resources. Using Norton Antivirus as the primary software to destroy and remove threats in the system is the right choice.


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