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Remember to use the kitchen when you ride, and use the correct way

The mirror, along with the rearview mirror, is one of the extremely basic things of motorbikes but I don't see many people using it, or using it inefficiently. Share with you a little experience of using the quick toilet, hoping that after reading it, many people will use the toilet when driving. For your own safety and other traffic participants.

1. When should I use cheeses?

Scrabble can be used whenever your car is about to turn: prepare to turn left, turn right, prepare to turn, prepare to go down the road to join the traffic, when you need to pull over to the side, when you prepare to change lanes or when you want to overtake another car … Thanks to the smudge that the following vehicles know what you are going to do, you are preparing to control which direction they are going to avoid. This not only helps you to be safe but also helps others to be safe.

Also, when I have to stop at the roadside (for example, when the car suddenly turns off at an intersection but has not been upgraded yet, when you stop the car to talk on the phone …) I often turn on The lights for other cars to know they are stopping, there is a signal that catches the driver's eyes so they know and avoid.

In some other cases, you should use dice:

  • When entering the roundabout (roundabout): when entering the roundabout, turn on the left turn signal light, when turn to the direction you want, turn on the turn signal
  • When going back, de car
  • When you need to stop your car because the car is broken, the wheel is broken …

2. Turn on the light so that it is reasonable?

To ensure safety for you and others, when you are about to turn or turn, turn on the turn signal in the direction you want to turn, then start to slow down. I have seen a post on VnExpress answered by the Traffic Police Department as follows:

To ensure safety, if the speed is reduced when entering a turn, turn on the turn signal at about 25-30 meters and after completing the turn, also maintain an additional 5-10 meters in the driving position before turning off the turn signal. So those who go nearby will know when the car is about to change direction, always change direction.

I see this is also true of my habit, it is to turn a little long distance before turning so that others can watch and have a reasonable direction, avoid colliding with you. But after the turn is finished, run somewhere, then turn off, not turn off quickly because immediately after turning you have to deal with many other situations, do not let the "turn off the right" to affect safety. .

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3. Why do people still do not use flakes?

I think the first reason is because of not being well educated about traffic laws, or because when they learn to drive, they can't / don't remember this. It's a basic thing and a law test is available, but there are people who are very heartless. Well, do they not even study law? : D

The second reason is forgetting. Sometimes I forget to turn on the pans, this will have to form habits and reflexes on your own. In addition, people often only turn the corner when turning but not in other cases (need to turn the car for example). These things require your own training, for your own safety and not for anyone else's.

The third reason is because the car does not have a screen. Sometimes I still see some cars without lights. Perhaps it was a malfunction or something that the car no longer had a turn signal ??? Those cars will go away because I'm not sure which way they're going.

Duy Luân

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