Relog Media was accused of exploiting caster salaries

The Serbian company, Relog Media, was accused of underpaying its CSGO caster team.

CSGO commentator pr0nogo accused Relog Media and its partner, GRID Esports, of underpaying the caster team. The company is currently in charge of producing the Snow Sweet Snow and Pinnacle Cup.

How much does Relog Media pay employees?

According to pr0nogo, Relog Media offered to pay caster € 35 (about 960k VND) for the BO3 series and 12.50 € (about 340k VND) to cast a single map. Both of these salaries are not taxable, because the caster works under the freelance form. With the playoff series, Relog Media increased the figure to 80-100 € (2200k to 2750k VND).

This rather low caster salary requires a high intensity of work from Relog Media. According to pr0nogo, caster required to join at least 2 BO3 series to be paid. Other sources with information on the contract said the exact numbers, but some disagreed with some of pr0nogo’s comments.

According to, Relog hired a team of caster and observer for many events at the same time, giving them the freedom to find other jobs. According to this source, the company has to operate with a limited budget and the low salary of caster partly reflects this.

But Snow Sweet Snow attracts many big teams with huge prize money. Ninjas In Pajamas, Cloud9 and MIBR are currently competing in the tournament while FunPlus Phoenix and Dignitas have participated in the past. Relog’s Snow Sweet Snow has a total bounty of $ 100,000 with the winning team receiving $ 80,000.

The caster team was threatened by GRID Esports staff

pr0nogo then said that GRID manager Kieran Cullinan threatened the casters at the Snow Sweet Snow Tournament last year after information about the pay of the caster was known to the public.

“… I recommend that you go to read section 6.1 in the signed contract, titled” Privacy, Data protection “. Any further news I hear about this will result in the contract being liquidated immediately, ”said Cullinan.

A source said Cullinan sent a message to Discord, but this information has not been confirmed.

After pr0nogo’s tweet, many community caster accused another company, Vortex Entertainment, of detaining their salaries. Before joining GRID, Cullinan was a co-CEO of Vortex.

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