Release dates announced at CES 2021 stealthily withdrawn from trailers

Sony has withdrawn announced release dates for several PS5 games, causing confusion over the 2021 schedule.

On the sidelines of CES 2021, Sony had communicated a video presenting a number of release dates for 2021. Important information, since the PS5 is currently lacking games, which is also one of the main complaints made by the players. These dates may not be realistic, since Sony has discreetly removed them from its trailer.. It was published on YouTube without the mentions initially present in the video broadcast during CES.

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Images of Horizon: Forbidden West presented at CES 2021. Credits: YT / Sony
Horizon: Forbidden West images shown at CES 2021. Credits: YT / Sony

CES 2021: dated PS5 games, then backpedaling from Sony

In this trailer, several more or less expected games were mentioned. We think in particular of Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Project Athia by Square Enix, Pragmata, or Ghostwire Tokyo. For the “close” releases, the greatest concern concerns Kena and Ghostwire Tokyo, since the latter were due, according to the trailer, to be released in March and October 2021 respectively. Having been removed from the official video, these dates may well not be reliable. Especially since that of Returnal, announced for March 19, 2021, has been kept.

As for house exclusives, the dates of two Sony blockbusters, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Horizon: Forbidden West have been maintained. Massively expected, particularly the second, the games developed respectively by Insomniac Games and Guerrilla Games are vaguely announced for 2021, without further details. So it looks like Sony doesn’t want to take any chances on announcing the release of its exclusive games..

Release of PS5 games: Sony’s excess of caution, or postponements to be feared?

The reasons for this withdrawal are not yet known, and Sony has not communicated in the matter.. However, it seems normal to wonder. Why did Sony pull out the dates in such a short period of time? Did the video show more information than it should have? Was the mention of the dates wrong? Or have the respective developers meanwhile informed Sony that this schedule is not realistic?

Given the complex global situation and the general shortage of PS5s, it seems fitting that Sony is being cautious. However, due to lack of official communication on this subject, uncertainty remains, and it is easy to imagine that the next outings could experience disruptions.

Source : VG247

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