There are many cars in this world that only stay in the development stage and disappear without a trace, so these cars are rarely exposed to the world. The new “Fantasy Cars” column will select these legendary cars and introduce them. The following is a detailed introduction of HONDA “VT250F TURBO”.

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Discover the legendary VT TURBO

When the automotive industry was caught in the turbocharging trend, HONDA launched the CX500 TURBO in 1981. At that time, the car model “VT250F” that was expected to be launched in Japan was also equipped with turbocharging. However, this car ended up because of its existence. The reason is not clear, so the commercial version could not be released.

The 1984-style VT250F TURBO. Although the VT250F TURBO that was originally scheduled for sale was a normal version of the VT at first glance, it has a turbocharged under the front cylinder. The maximum horsepower of 53ps has set a record for a top speed of more than 200km/h. But in the end, because it did not obtain the permission of the Japanese Ministry of Transport (the Ministry of Transport), it became a legend that there was no commercially available car.

The scale of the speedometer is 240km/h. The circular instruments installed on both sides of the instrument panel are voltmeters and clocks. Since the booster gauge is not seen, it is assumed that this photo was taken in the R&D progress stage before preparation for commercial sale. .

The NR250 Turbo that Hideo Yoshimura noticed in 1987

Interview reporter (denoted by Q below): Is it impossible to challenge MotoGP with a four-stroke model?
Mr. Hideo Yoshimura (hereinafter referred to as Yoshimura): Yes! It’s still very possible, but the naturally aspirated engine is no longer good.

Q:so it is?
Yoshimura: If it is equipped with turbocharging, it should be fine! If HONDA comes out the legendary 250 Turbo car and can really perform its functions, maybe YAMAHA and SUZUKI will not be its opponents, so if it is really used as a racing car, the second trip The engine should disappear without a trace within 2 years; however, this is on the premise that it can come out.

Q: But, I heard that the completion of this car is already quite high?
Yoshimura: I’m not talking about this, I’m referring to the FIM (International Motor Racing Association) and major brands. To put it simply, except for HONDA, other labels are now taking an opposing position. Because although in the GP500 competition rules, it is stipulated that turbocharged engines can participate as long as the displacement is less than 250c.c., but when the rules were formulated, everyone felt that no one would do this kind of car, so basically The Shang didn’t even bother; however, now HONDA only intends to launch it, so that other labels panic and hurriedly want to change the rules.

Q: So this technology is very powerful! HONDA won the championship in F1 racing in less than 3 years.
Yoshimura:That’s it! Technology is such a thing, it feels like I can’t win, so I want to change the rules of the game, this is the most useless! The current F1 car also started in 1988 and said that it would be changed to a 3.5L engine without a turbocharger. This is obviously aimed at HONDA.

That’s right, although Renault brought the turbocharged engine into the F1 car, they never expected that this technology would be surpassed by the Japanese label in just three years, so they wanted to get together to modify the rules. I just want to tell Europeans, “You must know your shame when you are a man!”

Basically, if you are surpassed in the same technology, you should work hard and show the appearance of “We will have a showdown next year! Next time we will never lose again in technology!”

Even in the motorcycle industry, it’s the same. The race originally stipulated that turbocharging and supercharging could be used. As a result, instead of challenging new technologies, they wanted to change the rules of the race. There are limits to even tricks! Although I have never liked HONDA much before, I am totally on HONDA’s side in this matter.

: Daddy (referring to Hideo Yoshimura) ever thought of trying turbocharging or supercharging?
Yoshimura: Of course I want to give it a try. It’s just that there is no way for a small satellite fleet like ours to try. It costs a lot of money just for materials…I can’t do it here anyway. However, I am also a technician, so in terms of the progress of the four-stroke, I would like to see what kind of strength the motorcycle equipped with a supercharged engine will show.

Q: Motorcycles suitable for general streets also have turbocharged engines!
Yoshimura: It cannot be said that it is a real turbocharged engine, because whether it is turbocharged or supercharged, if you want to fully utilize its power, that kind of car can’t be done! When I was repairing aircraft in World War II, I saw the power of the turbocharged engine on the B29 with my own eyes. At that time, I felt very regretful, because the aircraft I repaired and maintained was not at all high in the sky. The opponent of B29.

Although I haven’t really done it myself, I know the amazing power of a supercharged engine very well. The horsepower, heat, durability, etc., no matter which one is a technology of different dimensions; horsepower is actually the torque multiplied by the speed. The most common way now is to increase the speed to increase the horsepower, but it is very difficult to increase the horsepower by 20-30%.

Q: Is a supercharged engine such a powerful thing?
Yoshimura: That’s right! Therefore, this technology can be regarded as the entry point of the four-stroke engine. It is very difficult to control it. Although it has been used in competitions, it can be said with certainty that it is impossible to apply it to general street riding immediately. Car models.

However, because of this, I think I should be challenged! Because there is no way to predict, there should be problems one after another, but under the slow development and improvement, things like supercharged engines can also be used safely and effectively.

Q: So the two-stroke engine really doesn’t work anymore?
Yoshimura: If this kind of thing is taken as an example of animals, it can be said to have no function. It is probably similar to a low-level creature like earthworms. There is no future for the machine connecting the lungs and intestines! Therefore, it is better to abandon this meaningless idea of ​​comparing two-stroke and four-stroke engines earlier.

※The above content is quoted from the February 1987 issue of Young Machine “Interview with POP Yoshimura”

Mr. Hideo Yoshimura mentioned in the article that the design drawing of the engine called NR250 TURBO reduces the engine displacement of the NR500 to half, and sets the turbocharger mechanism on the outside of the V twin cylinder. In the case of a boost value of 2.0, it can exert the power of 153ps/18,500rpm! But it is a pity that this car has not been actually used commercially.

The late Mr. Hideo Yoshimura (October 7, 1922 ~ March 29, 1995), the founder of YOSHIMURA JAPAN, in addition to developing the world’s first integrated exhaust pipe, a motorcycle in the 1960s~80s In the race, the satellite team defeated the strongest HONDA factory team at the time, so it was called the god of motorcycle transformation, nicknamed “POP Yoshimura”. The POP here means “daddy”.

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