Regarding the controversy caused by gambling on rocks, why is the 2021 New Year’s hot sale a little different?

For IAA games, the Spring Festival is a rare “important holiday”. On the one hand, countless people will release more time and energy in the game; on the other hand, the characteristics of the Spring Festival are very suitable for the fission spread of the game and the “acceptance”. “New”, so it is of great strategic significance.

“Master of Emerald” is one of the winners of this year’s Spring Festival holiday. According to the data of Qimai, after reaching the top of the App Store free list in the country on February 5, 2021, the game will remain at the top of the list for the remaining two weeks, until it is released by Zynga on February 20. “(Blob Runner 3D) squeezed to the second place.

“Master of Emerald” is an IAA game that simulates management + finishing play. Its theme revolves around the cycle of “making and polishing jade products, opening exhibitions, attracting tourists, and using the money earned to make more advanced jade products”.

After entering the game, players need to bet on stones, that is, select stones wrapped in weathered leather and excavate the jade in the form of cutting. After selecting the jade, polish it to make exquisite jade products and put them on display for exhibition. Many tourists will come to visit in the game. Some tourists will drop coins during the exhibition, and players will click to pick them up, which will be used for blood transfusion for subsequent games.

However, the score of the work showed its extremely controversial side. As of February 22, “Master of Emerald” had only scored 4.5 points on TapTap, and it had dropped below 4 points before.

Due to the “nature” of relying mainly on advertising for monetization, IAA games generally do not get a more eye-catching score, but the scores of IAA hotspots during the New Year period in previous years have remained in the range of 6-8 points. Moreover, behind “Master of Emerald”, there are Ohayoo and Lan Fei mutual entertainment. The latter’s self-developed “Gong Baku Granny”, “Rivalry League”, “Bit Squad”, “Far Place”, “Traveling Chuanchuan” and other games have been compared with each other. High ratings and good response. Therefore, the performance of “Master of Emerald” is indeed out of standard.

Mixed gameplay combining management and organization

Purely from the perspective of gameplay, “Master of Emerald” is actually a “good boy shaped by a prescribed template.” In the past few years, IAA games were more in the form of ultra-casual games. In the past six months, the ultra-casual game market has undergone tremendous changes. At the end of 2020, FaceBook Gaming has collaborated with Deconstructor of Fun, Department of Play, and GameRefinery to release “Game Evolution: From Ultra-casual to Mixed-Leisure”, combining current development trends to give This concludes that ultra-casual games will move towards mixed casual game play in the future.

The content mentioned in the report is mainly in two aspects, “mixing in gameplay” and “monetization form of advertising + in-app purchase”. The core gameplay of “Master of Emerald” lies in the operation of the exhibition hall and the jade polishing. The former is a very intuitive operation method. Gold coins are the core way to promote the process. Tourists are responsible for the production of gold coins. More gold coins can upgrade the exhibition hall. The process is presented linearly, and it also has a simple on-hook placement design.

The gameplay of jade polishing is similar to that of “log cutting”, an ultra-casual game that focuses on decompression. “Log cutting” is a kind of sorting gameplay in ultra-casual games. Players will feel the decompression and healing brought by the rules during the game. This kind of gameplay emerged in 2019, mainly based on Crazy Labs “Soap Cutting”. Soap cutting and Voodoo “Woodturning” cutting logs are displayed in the form of cutting logs. “Master of Emerald” is also in line with this design. When the player cuts the rough model, he will polish it with the instrument in his hand. This process does not require the player to perform cumbersome operations, just scratch the surface of the jade with his hands in general.

In addition, how to use jade to generate maximum profit is also one of the gameplays of this game, but the value of jade made from other leftover materials is lower than that of the exhibits.

As a new year’s hottest, the gameplay of “Master of Emerald” is really mediocre, but the reason for using such a product to dominate the App Store free list in the country, Ohayoo has its own considerations.

As the first Lunar New Year after the outbreak of the epidemic, this year’s New Year’s strategy is of extraordinary significance. Affected by the epidemic, the habits of global game users have more or less changed. The increase in home time has driven the development of the home economy, which has allowed many non-traditional game players to develop the habit of stable games, which has become an increase in the market. During the Chinese New Year, the new volume will expand further as the population moves and entertainment time increases. Ohayoo, who has had successful experience before, will definitely try to seize this opportunity. Moreover, in the past six months, Ohayoo has also tried its best to demonstrate its core competitiveness in the field of leisure game ecology, and has taken the initiative to show favor to many leisure game manufacturers. The summit of “Master of Emerald” is also an excellent success case for the industry and outside of the industry.

However, the developer Lanfei Interactive Entertainment is more unexpected to the players. Previously, COO Zhou Wei once admitted that he hopes to find a new direction for the category from a more complete recognition of the leisure market. One is that he hopes that the product level can have a higher life cycle and better The long-term retention of “Master Jade” enlarges the possibility of product commercialization; the second is to solve the problem of suction with players’ word of mouth through magical, substituting, and participating gameplay; but for the moment, “Master of Emerald” is very important for purchases. To a certain extent, relying on violated their previous statements.

Of course, whether it is Ohayoo or Lan Fei Interactive Entertainment, they have seen the results they hoped for from “Master of Emerald”. While Ohayoo is gaining achievements, he has had a successful cooperation experience with Lanfei Interactive Entertainment, which has also supplemented its leisure game ecology.

As for the monetization form of advertising + in-app purchase mentioned above, although it is a trend of the times, it has gone beyond the scope of IAA games, and the country is not mature in this field. Looking back at “Master of Emerald”, it can’t touch and has no intention to touch this form, so advertising is its only means of monetization, which has also become a source of controversy.

Wrong numerical design has become the fuse of criticism

Throughout the evaluation on TapTap, the negative emotions of players are more concentrated on several levels, and the most prominent issue is naturally the advertising problem.

As far as advertising is concerned, “Master of Emerald” has not made obvious behaviors that affect the player’s gaming experience. There is no setting in the game that “ads must be watched at a certain node”, and it also denies that some ultra-casual games must have a period after a round. Advertising design. The work interspersed advertisements into many functions, such as the option to watch advertisements to get double gold coins, watch advertisements to choose stones without paying, and use advertisements to obtain more cutting times and so on.

The cleverness of this design is that the initiative to watch the advertisement is given to the player. But for players, this move closely binds advertisements and game content, and the pleasure of playing is influenced by the amount of advertisements watched.

Soon after it went live, “Master of Emerald” was updated, this update reduced the amount of resource acquisition and cutting durability. The reduction of resources makes the amount of money players get and the investment needed to be extremely mismatched. In other words, the gold coin dropped by visitors in the game is 10 yuan. Even in the early stage of the game, the price of buying a booth and buying stones has already reached 4 Count, so players need to operate for a long time to be able to move forward. The cutting endurance value just affects the essence of the stone gambling game-after cutting, after the cutting is not durable, players need to watch ads to gain more durability. The reduction in durability makes players more cautious when choosing stones. If you must watch 30 Seconds of advertising can complete this step, so the experience of cutting gameplay will be greatly reduced.

Many people said that the jade cutting process is under official control, and players will most likely need to watch the advertisement to supplement the number of cuttings before they can cut the jade.

The reduction in resource acquisition also affects the on-hook gameplay. The gold coins obtained during the on-hook process of “Master of Emerald” are very different from those obtained online. Players with the top comments on TapTap even said that “offline revenue is low, automatic picking is optional”.

The above operation is to increase the frequency of players clicking on advertisements. The current “Master of Emerald” can hardly meet the normal game needs of players only relying on the in-game loop, and the advertisements flooded in many links can avoid the investment cost of gambling and development. So although “Master of Emerald” does not force players to watch advertisements, the numerical modification has lengthened the time cost of players waiting, forcing players to choose between 30 seconds of advertisements and tens of minutes of waiting. Many people also Naturally, the former will be chosen.

All in all, the numerical design error after the update is the key to the criticism of the players. Lanfei Interactive Entertainment has many excellent products in its hands, but most of them are good at gameplay and operation, and are rarely touched in the numerical field.

In an early interview, Zhou Wei also said frankly: “Value is a huge shortcoming of Lanfei Interactive Entertainment. In the future, they will attach importance to this ability, because they want to improve the life cycle of the product, they need to get rid of the shackles of value.” As far as the current numerical system in “Master of Emerald” is concerned, Lan Fei Mutual Entertainment is indeed bound to death. Of course, if you start from the perspective of “driving the frequency of ad viewing with numerical changes”, then “Master of Emerald” is still quite mature.

It is a super casual game after all

Aside from the two core gameplay mentioned above, “Master of Emerald” also contains a certain amount of gambling and collecting content. Many players are attracted to the game because of the mystery contained in the subject matter.

The essence of betting on jade is similar to that of blind box. Its great charm comes from the surprise behind the risky gambling wins and losses, but the value of jade is higher, so it can mobilize more complex emotions in people’s hearts.

Because of this, the stone gambling method has strong plasticity and extremely high upper limit, and the jade master also restores it on the basis of ultra-casual games, such as players cutting stones, polishing jade, etc., these are real jade gambling The inherent link of the game, especially the link of saw blade opening window to identify rough stones, loses money and loses money, giving players enough “choosing the right villa to lean on the sea, choosing the wrong sea as a fish” refreshment. As the game progresses, the increase in optional stones makes the cutting stage of the game full of games. For this reason, the game also adds a design that is not obvious after the jade is cut, and someone will take away the jade at a relatively low price. , The player also has to choose whether to desperate or rein in the precipice.

It’s a pity that “Master of Emerald” is just a super casual game, and gambling on rocks is only a smaller branch of the game, so the show ends here. This has also been criticized by many players. For example, some players think that the jade polishing process will also have a proper sense of participation, but the result is just a stroke of the form; the colors of jade may vary, but in most cases the color tone is single.

The disappointment of the players can be understood. In the marketing, the “betting on the charm of the stone” is a card, and the rough design will surely attract the players’ fire. But “Master of Emerald” is really hard to satisfy players who want to have a deep experience in stone gambling. After all, it is just a super casual game.

Because of the many platforms behind the byte beating, the explosion of “Master of Emerald” may be reasonable. During the New Year, Ohayoo also increased the purchase of “Master of Emerald”, and increased the temptation of “betting on stones” at the marketing level, and increased the exposure of related content, which is easy for players to see after watching the video. The promotion of the game, after playing the game, will further look for relevant content to watch, to achieve the internal loop between the platform and the game.

However, its low score is indeed different from the consistent evaluation of the popular Spring Festival casual games in previous years. Many people think that this will lower the expectations of future players for the new year’s explosives, but in the author’s opinion, there is no need to worry about this. The main purpose of the players of “Master of Emerald” is to use the free time during the Chinese New Year to exchange for entertainment experience. Although the game has many designs that have been criticized, it can still meet the entertainment needs of most players, even if there are similar ones in the future. When the game appears, many players will still pay for it.

Source: Game Think Tank


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