Refresh cars with a variety of paint styles that car people prefer

Yesterday he drove on the road, not knowing how he drove and had to scratch a large piece of paint. Busy forever new repaired to prepare for the new year.

Glazed paint

I am not familiar with this area so I followed the repair staff. After a period of scrubbing and car washing, the consulting department introduced a new type of enamel paint. Because this is a paint that can resist many factors, while making the car looks more attractive and eye-catching.

If you are wondering, then it is applicable to many types of vehicles from cars, trucks to other types. The advantage is that it is possible to change the paint color without worrying about the effects. Just use wet sandpaper to determine if the old paint is hardening.


This is important because the hardener paint is the best type to use for vehicles. Glazed paint will promote the maximum use for this type of surface. Then repaint your favorite color without fear of being affected.

In addition, if you do not want to spend too much time on car paint problems, you can use enamel paint with acrylic lacquer. For most other paints, drivers who want to repaint their cars need to remove the top coat and apply primer. If the car has previously been painted enamel, it will stick to the previous paint and float away. Other types of paint will not be able to stick to your vehicle, resulting in you having to repaint the car again.

Not to mention, enamel paint also accepts coating without any problem as it will adhere to nearly any surface. However, there are some non-standard enamelling paints that prevent coatings from sticking. In this case, you can use wet sandpaper to rub the surface of the vehicle and then paint the coating.


However, its disadvantage is the high cost if choosing good enamelled paints and expensive additives. In addition, the time to wait for the paint to dry is quite long because it does not have the ability to dry itself like other paints that need to be dried.

Some good paints are currently on the market

Currently, there are many different types of paints on the market to serve each driver’s needs and ways. Each type has its own function and usage, if you do not know you can choose the wrong one leading to the wrong use.

In addition, pirated goods and fake goods are also rampant, which can easily lead to being cheated when choosing paint. For people in the profession, just note a few characteristics such as viscosity, smell is already able to distinguish. And normally, it’s obscure so it’s easy to be fooled. It is best to ask an acquaintance in the household appraisal profession. Or choose large and prestigious garages to be assured of quality.


Most professional services in Vietnam now use genuine paints imported from major automobile manufacturers such as Japan, USA, Germany … to ensure the quality of paint. In addition, when using foreign paint, especially at the manufacturer, it ensures the durability of the new paint is the same as the original paint.

Some popular paints such as R-m paint are now imported from Germany. The price is quite high but in return, good quality, no mail, emulsion when firing paint. Especially creating beautiful, glossy colors.

Besides, Dupont and Dulux paints are originated from USA. With 30% paint rate and 70% mail order. Or the Dutch Sikens with the quality equal to Dupont. Another name that is also mentioned is Japanese Nippon paint. This type of paint is quite familiar to Vietnamese people for a long time with stable quality.


The warranty period of these paints usually ranges from 1 year. Make sure the paint color stays fresh, and there is less chance of color flight. There is no local variation between painted parts and old parts.

In short, the cost to paint a new car is not cheap so it is best to bring your car to prestigious garages for advice, new paint. Don’t do it yourself or buy paint yourself because it is easy to come across fake goods. Just lost money unfairly, just make your car become ugly.


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