Reduce image size in Photoshop, how to reduce the size of photos in Photoshop

Reduce image size in Photoshop, how to reduce the size of photos in Photoshop

With photos taken with high-quality cameras, after saving, these photos will have a very high capacity. You may have difficulty getting it on your other storage devices or having difficulty copying them to someone else because the capacity is too large. With this tutorial you will know how to effectively reduce the size of photos in Photoshop.

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Photoshop software is becoming more and more popular with many technology users, you can quickly turn your photos into pictures with very nice effects or you can simply resize. quick and easy image specifications or other specifications.

Instructions to reduce the size of photos in Photoshop

Step 1: You choose File> Open (or press simultaneously Ctrl + O ) to open the image file to be edited.

Step 2: After opening the photo, continue to choose Image> Image Size (or press a combination of keys Alt + Ctrl + I) to perform the process of reducing the image size:

In the window that appears, choose the size of the image file you want.

– If you want the edited image to maintain the same proportions as the original file, leave 2 traces in 2 boxes: Scale Styles and Constrain Proportions and then enter a new dimension for the image.

– If you want to change the size of the length and height according to your preference, you remove the check mark in the section Scale Styles and Constrain Proportions Go and type in the image size you want:

Step 3: You save the image file by selecting File> Save As:

The next window you can further adjust the image quality or you leave the default and select OK:

So you already know how to reduce the size of photos in Photoshop already. After performing this trick you can easily store your photos on other devices for viewing or transferring them to friends easily.

Also, for simplicity’s sake, you can reduce image size with Paint on Windows that ElectrodealPro guided you in related articles.
Refer to the Basic features in Photoshop for you to use new to grasp the basics first


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