Redmi’s first game book, Redmi G, released, save up to 500 yuan

On August 14th, the first game book of the Redmi brand, Redmi G, was officially released. The Redmi G game is a cost-effective mainstream configuration game book for gamers. It is also suitable for learning office, design and programming or video editing.

On August 14th, the first game book of the Redmi brand, Redmi G, was officially released. The Redmi G game is a cost-effective mainstream configuration game book for gamers. It is also suitable for learning office, design and programming or video editing.

In terms of processors, Redmi G is equipped with a tenth-generation Intel Core high-end processor, with a six-core and twelve-thread design, and a single-core turbo frequency of up to 5.0GHz, which can ensure the smooth operation of mainstream games and large-scale software. As for the graphics card, the Redmi G gaming notebook uses NVIDIA’s GTX 1650Ti discrete graphics card, which uses a new generation of Turing architecture, with 4GB GDDR6 independent video memory, bringing more realistic scenes and faster graphics rendering.

In terms of hard disk and memory capacity, Redmi G gaming notebooks all use 512GB PCle solid state hard drives and 16GB DDR4 2933MHz dual-channel large memory. Dual M.2 SSD storage interface can support up to 2TB hard disk capacity expansion, and the memory can be expanded up to 64GB.

In terms of heat dissipation, the Redmi G gaming laptop uses the “Hurricane Cooling 2.0” system with a six-fold heat dissipation design, including dual fans + double-sided air intake + four air outlets + three independent heat pipes + all copper cooling modules + S-shaped streamlined arrangement , Keep the body cool. At the same time, the Redmi G gaming notebook still has the Fn+K performance smart selection mode, which can be switched to full-speed mode, balanced mode or quiet mode with one click to meet the needs of different use environments such as gaming, learning, and Internet.

On the screen, Redmi G gaming laptop has a 16.1″ high color gamut gaming large screen, three-sided ultra-narrow bezel design, 100% sRGB high color gamut, can truly capture game colors. The screen refresh rate is up to 144Hz, allowing users to play games When, clearly see every subtle movement of the opponent.

In terms of acoustics, the Redmi G gaming notebook uses DTS: X Ultra sound technology, professionally tuned sound system to bring 3D immersive stereo experience, and supports eight sound scene settings, which can present more powerful bass and louder treble.

In addition, Redmi G gaming notebook also supports a new generation of Wi-Fi6 technology, the theoretical maximum speed is about 2.7 times higher than the previous generation, supports 2X2 MIMO dual-antenna WLAN technology, faster connection speed, lower latency, and is equipped with a gigabit wired network card Interface, watching movies, playing online games, and live streaming can enjoy fast internet throughout the process.

As a gaming notebook, Redmi G gaming notebook is equipped with a full-size keyboard with three-level backlight adjustment, 1.5mm high key travel, hyperboloid keycaps, WASD independent markings, and a special design of the space bar, bringing a more precise control experience , The super anti-fingerprint slippery touchpad also supports Windows multi-gesture smart operation.

In order to easily connect various devices, Redmi G gaming notebook also has a rich interface configuration, including USB Type-C, USB 3.1 Gen2, USB 2.0, mini DP 1.4, HDMI 2.0, 3.5mm headphone jack and 180W full blood power interface, etc. Large and rich interface applications, you can connect to a variety of devices without restrictions, while the full-featured USB Type-C interface can achieve three-in-one display, data, and charging data.

As a good partner for user entertainment and learning, Redmi G gaming laptop supports up to five screens at the same time. In addition to this machine, it can achieve three-screen 4K simultaneous display. It also supports Xiaomi wireless projection screen, allowing users to watch movies and edit pictures at the same time. Enjoy multi-screen entertainment life. At the same time, it is also pre-installed with the Xiaomi game box and genuine Office, and supports the transfer between Xiaomi.

In addition, the Redmi G gaming notebook will also launch the new Mi Miaoxiang-Miaoxiang collaboration and Xiaomi call two new functions. Through Miaoxiang collaboration, you can scan a QR code to connect your notebook and your mobile phone, and you can double-open your mobile phone screen on the gamepad. You can view different content in two windows, such as one for photos and one for messages. And it supports two-way mutual transmission and air editing, and the operation on the game screen is like using a mobile phone. Xiaomi Call allows Redmi G gaming notebooks to realize voice and video calls with mobile phones, Xiaoai touch screen speakers and other devices. This time Redmi G is the first time that a 1 million pixel camera has been added to Redmi brand notebooks and supports 720P resolution HD video. Call, and built-in digital array microphone.

In terms of pricing, Redmi G still adheres to the idea of ​​popularizing high-end products. The i5-10200H/16GB/512GB PCIe/GTX 1650/60Hz version is priced at 5299 yuan, the initial price is 4999 yuan, and the i5-10300H/16GB/512GB PCIe/GTX 1650 Ti The /144Hz version is priced at 6,299 yuan and the initial price is 5799 yuan. The i7-10750H/16GB/512GB PCIe/GTX 1650 Ti/144Hz is priced at 6,999 yuan and the initial price is 6,599 yuan. It will be launched at 0:00 on August 17 “Xiaomi Jingdong Pinnacle 24 “Hours” starts the first sale, and now you can make an appointment to save up to 500 yuan, and you can make an appointment with the starting channels Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Home, and

In addition, in order to meet consumers’ increasing demand for light office work, the Redmi brand has launched the first thin and light Air series notebook-RedmiBook Air 13.

RedmiBook Air 13 uses an ultra-light all-metal body with amethyst gray color scheme. The body uses rounded steel sandblasting. The A side uses the Redmi classic logo design, which is simple and delicate in texture. The thickness of 12.99mm is thinner than that of 1.05kg, and it supports one-handed opening and closing. The left and right borders of RedmiBook Air 13 are as narrow as 3.35mm, the screen-to-body ratio reaches 89%, and the screen ratio is 16:10, which can accommodate more display content. This 13.3-inch screen has more than 4 million pixels distributed with a resolution of 2560*1600, reaching the retina level, with rich details. It also supports 100% sRGB display standard, 178° super wide viewing angle, DC dimming eye protection without video flicker, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 300nits screen brightness.

In terms of performance, the entire RedmiBook Air 13 series is equipped with a tenth-generation Core processor, up to the i7 quad-core eight-thread version, the maximum core frequency can reach 4.5GHz, the maximum running memory is 16GB, and the multitasking processing is more efficient. All hard drives are equipped with 512GB storage space, which fully guarantees the data transmission speed, large storage space for files, pictures, videos, games, and worry-free storage. The built-in Wi-Fi 6 wireless network card is fully upgraded. RedmiBook Air 13 is also equipped with a single fan and dual air cooling system to keep it cool to the touch at all times.

As a notebook that focuses on light office needs, RedmiBook Air 13 has a long battery life of 12 hours, supports 65W charging power, and its power adapter weighs only 100g. The plug is also carefully designed to be folded for easy storage. In terms of interfaces, RedmiBook Air 13 is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack and two full-featured Type-C interfaces. Both Type-C interfaces support charging output, data transmission, video output, and can support three-screen display and dual 4K video output. , One specification interface can meet various usage requirements.

RedmiBook Air 13 is available in three versions. The i5-10210Y/8G/512G version is officially priced at 4899 yuan and the initial price is 4699 yuan. The i5-10210Y/16G/512G version is officially priced at 5199 yuan and the initial price is 4999 yuan. Two Versions will be launched at 0:00 on August 14th, and at 0:00 on the 17th. Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Home, Xiaomi Youpin,, Tmall, Suning and other omni-channels will be available for sale. The i7-10510Y/16G/512G version will be officially launched. The price is 5899, and the initial price is 5699. It will also go online in the near future.


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