Red-eye correction in photos with Photoscape on PC

Red-eye correction in photos with Photoscape on PC

Correcting red eye in photos using Photoscape on PC instead of Photoshop is the way that photographers often use today. Not as picky as Photoshop, using Photoscape, you can easily eliminate red-eye errors on photos caused by low-light shots. So how to fix red eye on photos is the same as Photoshop? The content in the post will tell you that.

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With the Photoshop “image witch” tool, fixing red eye is also very easy, we also have tutorials fix red eye in Photoshop But not everyone has Photoshop installed on their machine, especially Photoshop is not free software so if the simple way is to use PhotoScape to fix this problem.

Repair mask by photoscape state

PhotoScape is a free, simple and easy-to-use photo editing and editing tool. Not only that, photo editing software also supports you how to fix red eye, a common error if taking pictures with Flash. This error will make the photo look unnatural and not look good. The following article will guide you how to fix this extremely simple and easy with PhotoScape editing tool.

Guide to fix red eye in PhotoScape

Depending on the operating system you are using, download PhotoScape

For Windows users: Download PhotoScape
For Mac users: PhotoScape for Mac
For iPhone users: PhotoScape for iPhone

Step 1: Proceed Install PhotoScape -> Open PhotoScape software. Next click on the part Editor in the Menu tab.

Repair mask by photoscape state

Step 2: Window Editor appears, Then select the photo you want
Then you click on the item Tools

Next, click on the line Red Eyes Corecttion as shown in the picture.

Corrections are made by the Photoscape state

Step 3: To correct red-eye, hover over the image, hold the left mouse button, circle the fallen eye, and release the mouse button.

The correction is performed by the state of PhotoScape

Then the red eye area will disappear as shown in the image. Next press Save to complete the change.

Repair a visual mask through photoscape state

In this way, you can fix red eye in a simple and easy way.

As mentioned above, PhotoScape not only corrects the problem of red-eye images, it also integrates many other features such as photo editing, brightness change, image size, format and many more. . You guys can easily create animations with PhotoScape as well as many other tips
In addition, you can fix red eye with IrfanView has been introduced by ElectrodealPro in the previous posts. IrfanView is essentially a software that supports viewing photos on windows attached with some useful image editing features for users.


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