Recruitment of Miha Tour Open World Adventure “Primitive God” begins

1On January 16, 2020, Miha Tour’s new 3D open-world adventure game-“Protoss” test recruitment activity officially started. This test will be available on iOS, Android and PC platforms in the near future.

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故事 The story of “Original God” takes place in the fantasy continent “Tevat” where seven elements meet. In this world, there is a legend that everyone can become a god. Players will play a “traveler” in the game. In the free exploration, meet fellows with different personalities and unique abilities, defeat the strong enemies with them, and recover lost loved ones-at the same time, gradually discover the “primitive god The truth. “

原 The first test of “Original God” focused on showing the style of the main city of “Wind Element”-“Monte”, and the corresponding backstory and characters are also presented in the game. In the forthcoming second test, “Li Yuegang”, the main city of “Rock Elements”, will unveil its mystery for the first time, leading the players to start a new fantasy journey.

As the richest city in the Seven Kingdoms, Liyuegang, like an emerald glass, shines forever in the east of Tivat mainland. According to legend, this place was originally a barren land. The God of Rocks expelled the ancient demons and guided the ancestors to smelt metals and ore and start trade with the outside world. Thanks to the diligent efforts of the people on behalf of Liyue, wealth converged along the commercial road extending in all directions, and Liyuegang has also developed into a unique and prosperous harbour city among the seven countries.

Whether it is the anecdotal legend of “The Emperor of the Rock King” or the life philosophy of the Liyue people, the “traveler” will have a better understanding of this during the stay of “Liyuegang”. With the in-depth exploration of the new Liyue area, players will further experience the outstanding art quality, exciting element interaction and rich multi-role play of the original God, and enjoy the fun of immersive open world adventure.

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