'Record Maker' Lim Young-woong...

‘Record Maker’ Lim Young-woong…

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The total number of views on Lim Young-woong’s official YouTube channel’Lim Young-woong’ has exceeded 810 million views, and as a trot singer, he has risen to the top of the list.

‘Youngwoong Lim’, Lim’s official YouTube channel, exceeded 810 million views on May 8. Considering that it exceeded 800 million views on the 2nd, 10 million views were added in 6 days.

Photo = Hero Lim Youtube capture

‘Lim Young-woong’ is a YouTube channel opened by Lim Young-woong on December 2, 2011. He steadily posted videos for 10 years to communicate with fans, and after winning the’Mr. Trot’ Jin last year, the number of subscribers and video views have risen sharply. There are a number of videos recording hundreds to tens of millions of views, such as’I only believe in me now’ and’A story of an old couple in their 60s’ on the’Lim Hero’ channel.

In a year, Youngwoong Lim received both the’YouTube Silver Button’ given to 100,000 subscribers and the’YouTube Gold Button’ given to 1 million subscribers. Currently, the channel has about 1.17 million subscribers. Considering that there are 127,000 subscribers to the Lim Youngwoong Shorts channel, where the edited video of Youngwoong Lim is mainly uploaded, Youngwoong Lim has two silver buttons.

Kim Soon-shin, Tenasia reporter soonsin2@tenasia.co.kr

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