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( Unlike every year, the New Galaxy S series will be released after the Lunar New Year. However, to help users have more options for spring travel, Samsung has immediately launched the Galaxy S21 Ultra before the New Year. Let the Galaxy S21 Ultra capture the beautiful spring scenes.

Before leaving Saigon, rushing to return home to spend time with his family. I stopped by Ben Binh Dong, District 8 to see the famous flower market in Saigon. From about December 20, the flower market on this boat’s pier is bustling with ornamental flower sales, creating a market sprawling in spring’s colors. The flower market in Binh Dong wharf is held once a year, lasting up to 30 Tet. On the road about 1 km, dozens of boats from the western provinces such as Ben Tre, Dong Thap, Tien Giang … dock with dozens of flowers such as apricot, marigold, confetti, kumquat …

The groups of boats (boats) connect to each other on Binh Dong wharf to deliver goods to customers.

Thanks to the 4-lens system, the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera cluster is really versatile in all different shooting situations. Users only need to stand at a position to fully enjoy the bustling scene of Binh Dong station. On the other hand, macro photography is also impressive for capturing beautiful moments.

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Not only the bustle on the river, even on the banks of the plum blossoms, ornamental trees competing with each other, busy people choosing to buy flowers on New Year’s Day also creates a lively scene on a whole street.

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After watching the flowers, we and our friends invited each other to eat before going home with our family.

Go eat spicy noodles

Let’s go home

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10x zoom

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The way home is in my heart, Even though the sun and rain are near and far

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10x zoom

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During the trip, I tried the 10x Zoom capability on the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the quality was really impressive.

Still changing stars, House is always home

When we got home, we were welcomed by the cat at the entrance. Try out the ability to take portrait photos on the Galaxy S21 Ultra when taking photos of animals. Very good, right.

Long time no see you. Use Galaxy S21 Ultra to save the lovely moments of your loved ones in your family.

My apricot garden. Bloom exactly 28 Tet.

Tet, then spring travel with your family.









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