Record cold weather, how to drive to avoid moisture clinging to the glass

In winter, cars often get wet, causing an unpleasant odor. How to handle the above situation?

Always turn on A / C

With the mentality of cold days, the songs will often turn off the air conditioner, lower the windows to get the cold wind outside. In fact, this only makes the car more dirty, stagnates the steam, causing the most unpleasant sour odor and the glass will have frost on the inside of the glass, forcing to wipe by hand or adjust the wind heating to melt. this mist.

To overcome this, the best way is to still turn on the high air conditioning, take the outside air in combination with the glass drying to keep the glass clear and the air is still filtered, removing moisture.

Slightly open the window

Even though there are cold days, but still sunny makes the weather comfortable because of the warmth, you can open a little of the window from 2 – 4 cm for cool air from outside, as well as an exit. damp if you come from the outside. With a car with a sunroof it is easier, because usually there will be a window opening on the roof.

However, if you go at night, it should be limited, because there will be fog, forced to open and dry the glass, reducing visibility.

Close all windows


Although cold days are usually dry, there will still be some areas or depending on open climates that will be somewhat humid and uncomfortable. It is also the perfect condition to create dynamic moisture in the car, so it is necessary to close all windows to prevent moisture, mist from entering the car, this is the enemy of fabrics, light-colored materials, Seat leather is easy to cause mold, creating an unpleasant odor.

Be careful of wet clothes

With a sunny day, items such as shoes, clothes, and carpets may dry out after a while, but a cold day is difficult, it will persist, gradually creating steam as well as a bad smell. So take it easy before getting in and out of the car to avoid water. If possible, equip the car with 2 types of floor mats including seasonal felt and rubber for winter because the cleaning is very quick and neat, very easy to dry.

Auto air conditioning mode

Although there are many instructions to avoid fog on the Internet, but for amateurs who see cars as vehicles, automatic air conditioning (A / C Auto) will be the salvation for those who fall in. this situation.


The driver only needs to press the button, select the desired temperature, all the rest, the system will analyze based on the sensors to choose the appropriate wind mode, wind direction to avoid dew condensation, steam dimming. glasses. However, you need to choose this mode right from the start. If the glasses are stuck a bit, then auto will be selected, making the effect difficult to achieve.


At present, in some northern areas, there is snowfall, frozen road surface, so traffic must pay attention because the friction between the tire and the road is almost not, such as front and rear wheels are difficult to control, two-wheeled vehicles such as AWD, 4WD, and 4×4 need to choose 4-season tires or off-road tires to ensure traffic safety.

If possible, the entire cooling water should be changed, because almost all cars in Vietnam use ordinary coolant, there is no antifreeze compound, so it is difficult to operate or turn on the engine easily leading to the engine bundle. . With oil vehicles, care should be taken to warm the fuel tank so that the engine can be started.


In addition, new cars use led lighting technology, but in foggy and snowy conditions, you should actively use gold stickers to be able to glow when traveling. These stickers can be posted to any decal shop and they will measure and stick up for a few tens of thousands of dong.


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