recipe[Creating a real menu for editorial staff # 4]Don't overconfide yourself on weekdays and don't expect your family

recipe[Creating a real menu for editorial staff # 4]Don’t overconfide yourself on weekdays and don’t expect your family

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macaroni editorial department planning director / Achako
He has been on a diet for many years, but when he sees delicious food in front of him, the stopper comes off at once. I live in a fully renovated condominium that I bought second hand. I love interiors, sundries, tableware, especially kitchen utensils, and when I find a product that interests me, I can’t help but try it.

First of all, please tell us about Achako’s lifestyle.

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“I live with my husband, who has been married since college, and my son, who is in the 4th grade of elementary school. I have two sisters who are very close to each other. Even though they are real sisters, their personalities are completely different (crying). )

Camping is a common hobby between men who love exercise and those who are enthusiastic about exercise. If I find time, I will go to the campsite even in the middle of winter. My son has been taking him to the camp since he was 0, so he grew up to be a boy with a “rough” personality who doesn’t care about the details (laughs). “

Weekday schedule

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“I wake up between 4:30 and 5 o’clock. I work better when my family is asleep, so I reply to the accumulated emails and check the articles and projects of the members. When my son wakes up, I wash my clothes. While cleaning, cleaning, and preparing breakfast, I try to make only one dinner at the same time.

Working hours vary from day to day, but are generally from 9:00 to 18:00. I start making dinner at 6 pm, but I’m grateful for remote work that I can immerse myself in my work until the last minute. After getting ready for dinner, I pick up my son at the lesson and have dinner from around 19:30.

After washing the dishes and checking my son’s homework, it’s finally time to take a bath. I just spend a lot of time, and when I get out of the bath, I do a little work again. I’d like to have a little more time, but if I don’t sleep properly, Alafor will sound tomorrow (laughs), so I’m in bed around 22:30.

I’ve been ashamed to write articles about “Morning Routine” and “Night Routine” before, so if you’d like, see below for details. “

Then to the main subject. How do you decide on your daily menu?

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“Shopping is done in bulk on weekends. I go to Costco, business supermarkets, etc. from major supermarkets and buy a lot for a week. If there is something missing, I try to buy a little more around Thursday.

Go shopping without deciding on the menu at all. It’s stupid (laughs) I know that it’s more efficient to plan properly before going, but I can’t afford that time …

So, I will assemble the menu on the spot using the cheap ones I found where I went. It’s like a housewife who can do something like that, but it’s super crap. Perhaps I have some patterns in my mind that say, “This is the main dish, and that’s the soup!”, And I think of the menu from Monday to Friday in my head and shop for what I need. It is an image of putting pompoms in. So I think I’m shopping while talking to myself (laughs). “

Carrots, maitake mushrooms and konjac kinpira made from staub

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“I think everyone is the same, but when I work full-time, I really don’t have time, so I can’t cook elaborate meals on weekdays. Still, until a few years ago,” I think I can do more? I want to make a menu that children want to eat! I was thinking, but I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Therefore, on weekdays, I have decided to have a main dish that has been baked or stir-fried, a side dish such as a simmered dish or salad, a spicy dish, and 1 soup and 2 dishes of soup. It’s almost a set meal. I finish the side dishes to some extent in the morning and only make the main dish and soup at night.

For that reason, let your family and yourself spoil yourself on holidays. On Saturdays, I often eat out because “everyone is tired for a week!”, And cook hot pot dishes and hot plate dishes that can be enjoyed by the family. On Sundays, they spend time preparing their favorite foods and elaborate meals in response to requests from their husbands and sons (at least annihilating them …?). “

What are your ideas when thinking about the menu?

Grilled pork loin with salted koji, carrot kinpira, miso soup and rice

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Incorporate “Magowa Yasashii” ingredients

“I wrote this in the article” Night Routine “before, but I try to make a menu centered on Japanese food that incorporates” Magowa Yasashii “ingredients. At the hospital where I gave birth to my son, a midwife told me,” Children When I started to cook Japanese food, I was advised to try to make rice with “Magowa Yasashii” in mind, even if the number of items is small, “so I want to protect it as much as possible.

Strictly speaking, the ingredients of “sa” are like fish, but it is impossible to use fish every day, so my rule says that meat is okay instead of fish. “

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